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Raw, hazy and noise-injected house tools jammed from pure analogue sources. Packed with MPC and tape-trashed machine drum grooves, gritty blow-out basslines, dubby delay-drenched chords, hazy cloud-like pads, deep acid lines, ascending analogue synth whistles and obliterated FX, Lo-Fi House is all about battered, bumpin' and basement-ready house music. Pure vibes for dayyyyyys!

Beats > Rolling and pumpin' drum jams bashed out from the MPC with the scantest regard for hi-fi aesthetics. Think thudding kicks, crunchy snares, bouncing percs and heavy hats. Get the full mix and the stripped-out stems as standard.

Bass > Throbbin' subs, undulating low-passed grooves, dark noise saturated tones and other assorted speaker-blown bass ammo. Raw-for-the-floor basslines bombs ready to detonate, key-labelled and ready to light.

Synths & Melodic Cuts > Scorching synth lines, bright re-sampled chords, dubby progressions, deep space transmissions, delay-drenched patterns, hammered discordant leads and washed-out electronics. Many come with stripped stems for maximum creative choice. Key information locked-in as standard.

Chords & Pads > Hazy textures, bliss-drenched chords, shimmering sonics and cloud-like atmospherics: high altitude pad work to take things on a gravity-free tip.

Drum Hits > Stacks of lo-fi tape-bashed, crunched-up and down-graded drum one-shots from a variety of analogue and found-sound sources. Comes with curated drum kits designed for proper lo-fi drum trax.

Extras > Folders of skittering hats, bouncing percs, raw bass shots and circuit-smashed FX transmissions round of this collection of hardcore, lo-fi tools.


*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

  • demosound
  • 01US_LFH_Drum_Analogous_ful_123
  • 02US_LFH_Drum_Classix_ful_120
  • 03US_LFH_Drum_Groover_ful_122
  • 04US_LFH_Hat_Groove_123
  • 05US_LFH_Hat_Rider_125
  • 06US_LFH_Mus_Bright_Ful_120
  • 07US_LFH_Mus_Keyzee_only_chord_125_A
  • 08US_LFH_Mus_Organize_only_chord_125_Cshrp
  • 09US_LFH_Mus_Supasmooth_Ful_125_Ashrp
  • 10US_LFH_Perc_Dapercs_120
  • 11US_LFH_Perc_Tommed_120
  • 12US_LFH_Synth_Cosmos_D_122
  • 13US_LFH_Synth_Eighties_C_120
  • 14US_LFH_Synth_Flutter_C_120
  • 15US_LFH_Synth_Noisefilter_G_120
  • 16US_LFH_Synth_Organriff_Dshrp_122
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  • Melodics
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File List
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