MUTANT is free sound file management software provided by SONICWIRE. Download and install MUTANT now to navigate through the large offer of sound files on SONICWIRE, find more easily the sounds you're looking for and preview them with a single click in the program. The additional "Comment" and "Bookmark" function allow you to easily organize and classify sound files.

Mutant is software designed for simple and efficient management of sound files for advanced music production.

As sound information such as Tempo/Key, sampling frequency, extensions, ACID and Appleloops correspond to the display of waveform, it's easy to check the spec of the sound file while you preview the sounds. Once you find the sound you want, it's easy to add the sound file into your production environment by using the drag&drop function. You can bookmark each sound, leave notes or tag it to find it again later more easily. The downloadable version of Sound Effects Collections [Effects Packs] distributed at are also compatible with Japanese keyword display.

Enhance your imagination

Once you find the folder which contains the sound you want to preview, you can immediately try the sound by just adding the file to Mutant with the drag&drop function. If you like the sound you’ve tried, you can drag&drop the sound into your music production environment.

In the folder-tree section, you can find efficient keyboard short-cut functions. For example, the right and left arrow keys let you open/close the folder; or Enter/Esc keys let you move between folder-tree and sound list. You can easily move between folders and try the sounds without using the mouse.

Excellent management functions to unify vast amounts of sound files

You can divide the sounds you've tried into groups by just leaving notes or adding them to the Bookmark folder. It is possible to constantly display the Bookmark folder close to the sound list. Another possibility is to make one note for multiple files or to bookmark them all at once.

Displaying the total number of files in the folder, it's always easy to see how many sound files are managed in Mutant. The Sound list (database) can be switched depending on the property or contents of what you are producing.

Efficient Preview Function to support advanced Music Production

As the waveform is displayed in the sound list and seek bar, you can see in real time which part of it actually plays. You can play the sounds without having any time interval between the different sound files (seamless playback). You can preview the different sound files continuously as if a loop file is playing. As it supports loop playback, you can play one loop while you play an instrument, and at the same time also check the compatibility with the music software you are using. You can of course also set it to stop after each file is played.

Supporting 32-bit WAV/AIFF and mp3 sound files. Equipped with Stereo Indicator.


  • Database switch function
  • Add shortcut key
  • Keyword Display Function
  • Loadable Bookmark Bar
  • Display for Waveform in Seek Bar
  • Support for User Memos and Tags
  • Narrow View Mode
  • Function for enabling Show/Hide of File Tree
  • Continuous Playback Preview
  • Display Files other than Audio Files (Mac)
  • Support for 32-bit WAV/ AIFF, mp3, mpeg4, AAC files *Windows: Codec for DirectShow is required.
  • Support for drag&drop to "MUTANT"
  • Support for drag&drop to digital audio workstation software
  • Advanced Search
  • Display number of sounds for folder
  • Waveform Preview
  • Switch Waveform Display to Stereo/Mono
  • Improvement of Sound Reading Speed
  • Speed up of internal query processing
  • Loop Function
  • Inline text input function
  • Rename / Delete / Move Folder Function
  • Stereo Indicator
  • Database Update for each Folder
  • Support for Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Bookmark Function
  • Switch Language between English/Japanese
  • Seamless Connection with
  • Support for Windows/Mac

MUTANT - System requirements

  • OS:10.9 -
  • CPU:Intel Core i5
  • RAM: 4GB (Recommended over 6GB)
  • *64bit OS Only
  • OS:Windows7, 8, 10 (32/64bit)
  • CPU:Intel Core i5
  • RAM: 4GB (Recommended over 6GB)


Demosong Playlist
All Clear