Our Online Store accepts orders through the Shopping Cart. Please refer to the outline concerning the usage of the Shopping Cart that you can find described below.

How to add Items to the Shopping Cart

To add a product to your shopping cart, click the [ADD TO CART] button on the product details page.

SINGLE Sound Effects / BGM
How to View Items in the Shopping Cart
How to Remove Items from the Shopping Cart
Buy Product

Add the desired Product to your Shopping Cart, then proceed to Checkout.

  • First, go to your Shopping Cart.
  • Click on the "Checkout" button available on the Shopping Cart page.
    When you pay by [SONICWIRE e-Money]
    You can use SONICWIRE e-Money to purchase single sound files. When a single sound file has been added to the Shopping Cart, a box titled [Use SONICWIRE e-Money] will be appear. Please tick the box [Buy Single Sound] to proceed with the Checkout. You can also charge SONICWIRE e-Money while proceeding with the Checkout.
  • Confirm the list of products you're going to purchase, confirm their prices and click [Next].
  • Please select one of the following payment methods: by [Credit Card] or by [WebMoney] (Paypal etc.). Once you have selected the payment method, click [Next].
    When you pay by [Credit Card]
    • Select [Credit Card] option and enter all required Credit Card details, then click [NEXT].
    • Confirm the information you entered. When all is OK, click [PURCHASE] button.
    When you pay by [PayPal]
    • Select "PayPal" option on the screen of payment method, and click "Next" button.
    • Ensure that all the information is correct. When all is OK, click "PayPal Check Out" button.
    • Settlement page of PayPal is displayed. Please follow the direction to complete the payment.
  • Thank you for your purchase. A confirmation mail has been sent to your mail address. Please keep the mail as a reference for your purchase.

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