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KAWAII SLAP BASS VOL.1" is a bass sound source specialized for slap sounds.
The main keyswitch automatically switches between "Sam" and "Pull," so that even if you play the instrument by feel, the sound will be played in a natural way.
The keyswitch can also be used to specify the technique, such as "Sam only" or "Pull only," to satisfy even the most discerning user.
Furthermore, slide and hammering can be implemented with keyswitches, and ghost notes can be played no matter what technique is selected, making the UI easy to use.
One of the main features of this product is the recording of glissandos at three different BPMs (100, 120, and 140).
There is a wide variety of glissandos, including one-beat, two-beat, and those with fill elements, and since all notes, including glissandos, are round-robin, it is possible to give a natural playing feel.

Kontakt's UI can change the expressions and backgrounds of the cute characters, so it can be used for relaxation during production or for social networking purposes.

KONTAKT ver 6.70 or higher is required to use this product in the KONTAKT library. The free version of KONTAKT PLAYER is not supported.


Total number of samples
- 634


- Sum 
- Pull
- Mute
- Slide_1up
- Slide_2up
- HO_1upHO_2up
- Gliss_BPM100
- Gliss_BPM120
- Gliss_BPM140


- C-0 = Sum&Pull (B0~G3)
- D-0 = Sum_Full (B0~G2)
- E-0 = Pull_Full (B1~G3)
- G-1 = Slide_1up (C1~G2)
- G#-1 = Slide_2up (C#1~G2)
- A-1 = HO_1up (B1~G3)
- A#-1 = HO_2up (C2~G3)

Gliss patch

- BPM100 (C4~G4)
- BPM120 (C4~G4)
- BPM140 (C4~G4)


*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

File List
File List
  • About KONTAKT format: Please note that this product is not compatible with Kontakt Player, and requires the retail version of Kontakt to work. This product will not appear in the Kontakt libraries pane.
  • Attention: Hard disk must be in the following format: HFS or NTFS +
  • When the checkout is complete, 2 confirmation mails which contain Serial Numbers are sent to you mail address.
  • There are NO returns or refunds due to the nature of download products.

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