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Bloom: Happy Upbeat Jingles from Big Fish Audio and Sample Factory is a 27+ GB collection of happy, feel-good, upbeat, and warm sounds. This library sounds like spring, like a friendly get together, and it’s right at home for that uplifting commercial video project you have been trying to find the perfect backing track for.

This library is expertly crafted for composers, producers, and musicians looking to add the groovy, bouncy, and quirky vibe to their productions. If it’s positivity and happiness you’re looking for, then look no further!

This huge library comes with a bouquet of 100% real, live electric guitars using real amps and effects pedals. Each guitar has an Amped and DI version included, giving endless possibilities in shaping your tone palette into a sound that is TV or radio ready. You will also find numerous acoustic instruments like Guitars, Banjos, Ukuleles, and Mandolins; everything you need to brighten up your sound. For an added layer of joy, we also added a bunch of colorful keys, bells, and pianos. Bloom comes with every track broken out into song sections (Intro, Verse, Pre-Chorus, Bridge, Solo, Outro, and Alternative Ending) giving you the ability to mix, rearrange, and tweak endlessly. Stick with the song form we’ve laid out or mix and match the sections to fit your production!

Each drum kit contains full, fragrant tracks with various mic positions and one-shots, giving you the ability to get the mix just right. There are tons of different grooves to choose from. Don’t settle for programmed percussion! Real, organic tracks always add authenticity to your sound!

In addition to the drum kits, Bloom: Happy Upbeat Jingles contains a picturesque field of percussion. You’ll find Castanets, Claps, Guiro, Tambourine, Shaker, Cabasa, Bongo, Cowbell, Snaps, and many more. You can combine different instruments to create new grooves or add beauty and complexity by adding One-Shots to build on what you already have. The possibilities are endless!

Let the sun shine, take some time to smell the flowers, and grow your productions with Bloom.


-Powerful Free Momentum Plugin!
-12.53 GB of Content
-Construction Kit layout
-Slice editing and effects

*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

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