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5Pin Media invites you to kick back and soak up the sublime intoxicating tones of Psychedelic Soul & Downtempo courtesy of the multitalented Richard Raymond II.

Richard Raymond II is a producer and multi-instrumentalist from Chicago, IL. Raymond relishes in all things psychedelic and likes to occupy the space between notes that slower tempos often offer up.

For the bass and music elements Psychedelic Soul & Downtempo was recorded using primarily analog instruments, namely the Korg SV-1, Roland Strings, Wurlitzer Organ, Arturia Micro Brute, Glockenspiel, Fender Rascal Bass, Washburn Semi-Hollow Bass, Fender Stratocaster and an array of analog effects pedals.

Moving onto the drums…mere words are not enough to describe the variety and sheer quality on offer here! PSD Features 100 full acoustic drum loops out of 502 drum loops in total, tracked live at Wholesome Studio C7, in Chicago's north side. All of the loops were recorded in a tightly treated room on an all birch Tama kit using one of three snares: a Ludwig Supraphonic (1967), Stewart (1970's), and a dampened Tama. Raymond believes being on time is more emotional than punctual…it's okay to be a little early, or a little late, so long as everything feels right. The drums alone are nothing short of sublime on every level and would be at home in any producer's toolkit regardless of genre. For example, the way they have been grouped according to snare type, makes for easy cross matching and editing in a drum track.

Psychedelic Soul & Downtempo weighs in at 5.8Gb with a total 766 loops, 179 One-shots, 981 Multi-samples, 18 Sampler Patches, 240 MIDI files and a Live 10 Project featuring 25 Sampler based Instrument Racks. Please see the detailed specs below for the number of files for each element.

All sample content 100% royalty free.

Key Features:

Kick drum MIDI files for ease of layering and drum replacement.
Direct-In and effected versions of all guitar loops and one-shots.
Filter pedal and standard versions of all bass guitar loops.
Detailed "every note per octave" multi-samples.
Alternative articulations included for bass guitar multi-samples.
Broken down drum loops.
Musical key information provided for all bass/music content.
Live 10, Kontakt 3+, EXS24, NNXT and SFZ Sampler formats.
Acidized WAV, Apple and MIDI Loop formats.
Tempos 55, 75, 100 & 110 BPM.

- 24Bit Quality
- 5.8Gb


- 502 Acoustic Drum (100 Full)
- 82 Bass Guitar (41 Standard + 41 Filter Pedal)
- 64 Electric Guitar (31 Effected + 31 Direct In)
- 32 Electric Piano
- 09 Strings
- 08 Synth
- 08 Glockenspiel
- 20 Drones & Textures
- 20 Vox
- 10 FX
- (Apple & Acid WAV)

- 79 Drum & Percussion
- 30 Electric Guitar Chords (15 Effected + 15 DI)
- 30 Bass
- 15 E-Piano Chords
- 10 Vox
- 20 FX

- 981 Multi-Samples
- 5 Bass Guitar Patches
- 3 Synth Bass Patches
- 3 E-Piano Patches
- 3 Organ Patches
- 2 String Patches
- 2 Synth Patches
- (NNXT, Kontakt 3, EXS24 and SFZ Sample formats)

- 93 Drum Kick
- 80 Bass Melody Combos
- 33 E-Piano
- 10 Synth Bass
- 15 Piano Chords
- 07 Drum Full

LIVE 10:
- 1 Live10 Project
- 6 Synth Instruments (with Macros)
- 5 Bass Instruments (with Macros)
- 4 String Instruments (with Macros)
- 3 Synth Bass Instruments (with Macros)
- 3 E-Piano Patches Instruments (with Macros)
- 3 Organ Instruments (with Macros)
- 9 Bonus Audio Effects

Please Note: Requires Live 10.1.30+ for Ableton Live

(From  5PIN MEDIA)

*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

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