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Monster Sounds has stepped up to the plate to bring what we consider to be the First Real collection of authentic, raw Grime vocals out there.

The recent Grime revival has been massive no one can deny the rise of the genre from its street routes to becoming the award winning hottest property in urban music right now, whilst still keeping its integrity intact.

The Comparisons between UK Grime and US Trap is obvious
Both Genres coming from the streets of inner city's where a voice of the youth is needed.
You can either love or hate it for its ballsy delivery and sometimes cutting language, but either way you cannot deny the skill of the energetic performances of these young wordsmiths, which is finally taking the world by storm.

Monster sound has once again dug deep and found 2 of the UK's best.
RD and MR X are Real Grime MCs, Schooled from the streets and come from a long heritage of MCS.
Currently Heavily involved in the Grime Scene we didn't just jump on the bandwagon and pull out some fake wannabe MC's with UK accents and ask them to rap.
These guys are HOT..... Living out there in the scene, working the radio, releasing tracks, and performing. Check out an appearance on Radio 1Xtra Sians Studio Show smashing up the Mic.

And check them on GimereportTV

For this Pack we got RD and Mr X to hit the mic hard with their exciting no nonsense delivery, giving you access to a Fat 549 Mb of vocals
All recorded at 140 BPM.
The pack is made up from a fat 125 Loops consisting of a mixture of lengths including 4 and 8 bar sections as well as a huge 154 smaller one line and one shots.
Also to capture the live freestyle element that makes Grime so energetic
We have hit record and the guys have gone in RADIO STYLE Back to Back with the track running and they destroy 2 full sections, one 32 bars and one 16 bar
Both are absolute FIRE.

If your looking to grab some authentic Grime vocals for your productions don't miss this one, there is as far as we have seen nothing else out there with the pedigree of these Mcs.

Check out RD and MR X on Twitter to catch more from these guys.

RD Twitter @RD_musicupdates
MR X Twitter @Mr_x44

Also as a special Offer until December 31st 2016 we are giving a 50% off token for the Monster Sounds Gully Grime pack to any one that buys this pack. Check inside for details!

In Full detail the pack contains
549 Mb at 24 bit 44.1 KHz Wav stereo @140 BPM

125 loops (including 2 B2b verses one 16 bars and one 32 bars)
154 one line and one shots.


*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

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File List
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