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Sonic Mechanics presents Future Cinematic FX 2. A journey into the future of robotic convulsions, deep moaning atmospheres and sharp electrical impacts, a collection designed for producers and composers who want to add true Sci-Fi grit to their next creation.
Inspired by Hollywood's grim view of the future, this collection is filled with transforms, sweeps, beeps and stings to help users augment their compositions with flavours of the sound design pros.
In detail inside is 2 Gigabytes of audio including 30 Deep Atmosphere Loops, 30 High Atmosphere Loops, 25 Bass Modulations, 30 Bass Stings, 50 Beep Loops, 110 Beeps, 27 Braams, 09 Drop Loops, 50 Impacts, 35 Complex Impacts, 28 Doppler Sweeps, 60 Sweeps Down, 60 Sweeps Up and a 11 sampler presets for Kontakt, Halion and Exs24. The files inside range from 120 - 170 Bpm and have been labelled where appropriate, with tempo and Key Signature information.
Although this pack has originally been created for use in scoring Film, TV and Games the sounds inside are also well suited to be used musically within genres including Drum and Bass, Electro, Dubstep, House, Hip Hop and Downtempo.
Future Cinematic Fx 2 is in the next generation of Fx libraries, containing samples generated using advanced synthesizer and sound design techniques, filled with audio ready to send your compositions into outer space!
Please Note: Drums not included in this product and are for illustration only.

Tech Specs
- 24 Bit Quality
- 2.34 GB
- 544 Wav Files
- 30 Deep Atmosphere Loops
- 30 High Atmosphere Loops
- 25 Bass Modulations
- 30 Bass Stings
- 50 Beep Loops
- 110 Beeps
- 27 Braams
- 09 Drop Loops
- 50 Impacts
- 35 Impacts Complex
- 28 Sweep Doppler
- 60 Sweep Down
- 60 Sweep Up
- 11 Exs24, Halion & Kontakt Patches


*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

  • demosound
  • Bass_Sting_18
  • Beep_31_Dm
  • Braam_08_Dm
  • Braam_20_D
  • Drop_Loop_03_120_Fm
  • Drop_Loop_04_140_Fm
  • Impact_15_Cm
  • Impact_Complex_32_Fm
  • Sweep_Doppler_05_Fm
  • Sweep_Down_26
File List
File List
  • Attention: Hard disk must be in the following format: HFS or NTFS +
  • About KONTAKT format: Please note that this product is not compatible with Kontakt Player, and requires the full retail version of Kontakt to work. This product will not appear in the Kontakt library pane and so cannot be loaded into Kontakt using the Add Library button.
  • When the checkout is complete, 2 confirmation mails which contain Serial Numbers are sent to you mail address.
  • There are NO returns or refunds due to the nature of download products.

Demosong Playlist
All Clear