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Get ready for some supernatural sounds!! We are here again with "Cinetools: Space Journey" - designed to help create the unexplored worlds your project needs and give you some inspiration from outer space! sounds like a journey into the brain of an infected cyborg.
This extensive collection gives you all the freedom to imagine and create magic like you have always dreamt of. From unearthly ambiences to space-age vehicles, fighting bots to transforming layers, big robot movements to robotic innards sounds, granular FXs to user interface sounds like button and switches, menu - browse - select tones, push, click, confirms, calculations and text, holograms, beeps, bleeps, alarms, warning tones, creepy alien voices to dark atmospheres and backgrounds, machines and power cores to energy beams, power-ups to electrostatics, fly-bys to rumbles, grainy breakups to laser guns, robotic impacts and explosions to machine hydraulics and robot weapons, alien liquids to intergalactic transmissions, extraterrestrial creatures & giant insects to space bells, dynamic energy fields to electric arcs, damaging explosions to radar sweeps, flying saucers to electronic squeals - this pack captures them ALL! Simply drag'n drop them into your project and make it sound epic!
In detail expect to find 688MB of raw content including 300 powerful sound elements - consist of; 36 Transforming Layers, 27 User Interface Fx, 22 Fighting Bots, 22 Grain Basses, 22 Robotic Fx, 22 Space Atmospheres, 22 Sub Fx, 21 Mechanic Layers, 21 Pass Bys & Wooshes, 20 Glitches, 15 Granular Fx, 14 Impacts, 14 Stutters, 11 Ambiences and 11 Misc Fx. All sounds are hyper-detailed, layered and manipulated they can easily be added to your projects. Every sound was originally recorded at 24 bit / 96kHz to ensure the highest quality for today's cinematic production needs. Strap yourself in as this science fiction collection "Cinetools: Space Journey" blasts you off into another dimension of useful and unique sound effects.
This must-have pack is perfect for science fiction and fantasy productions featuring robots, aliens, spaceships, futuristic landscapes, hi-tech interfaces and much more! Suitable for a multitude of genres including IDM, Dark Dub, Future Electro, Experimental Dubstep and Electronica - also a perfect choice for Commercials, Games, Advertising and Background music OR any other production that requires something new...
Enter the next dimension of science fiction sound effects with "Cinetools: Space Journey" and explores deep space with the sounds of new life forms!
This pack will become your go-to library for everything interstellar and extraterrestrial!

Tech Specs
? 24 Bit Quality
? 689 MB
? 300 Files
? 11 Ambiences
? 22 Fighting Bots
? 20 Glitches
? 22 Grain Basses
? 15 Granular Fx
? 14 Impacts
? 21 Mechanic Layers
? 11 Misc Fx
? 21 Pass Bys & Wooshes
? 22 Robotic Fx
? 22 Space Atmospheres
? 14 Stutters
? 22 Sub Fx
? 36 Transforming Layers
? 27 User Interface Fx?


*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

File List
File List
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