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Push Button Bang have let the genie out of the bottle! We've opened the gates of Hell, unleashing the fury of unworldly dubstep monsters and complextro creatures, here on earth to possess your tracks with raw animal power.

Think Skrillex meets the Island of Dr Moreau in our Frankenstein's laboratory of genetically mutated and original bass modulations and creature sound fx. This outlandish sound circus brings you chimeras, screaming beasts, zombies and of course a sonic forest of scary monsters complete with grunts, snarls, flapping wings, roars and howls - an unstoppable wave of morphed and manipulated mutant fx to bite, claw and tear into your music!

The ground-shaking bass arsenal is suitable for any style of high-energy electro, complextro, dubstep and drum and bass. The bass sounds feature a broad range of intense hits, pulses and modulations with many moulded using combinations of animal formants and traditional synthesis.

The creature fx are the ideal solution for game and film sound designers seeking to conjure up freakish creatures, characters and high-octane animal impacts.

Plus, a focused selection of dark and deadly FM8 monster bass patches to menace any of your midi sequences.

As always, Pushbuttonbang have designed it to enable you to create standout dramatic and original sequences quickly, saving countless hours of synthesis, automation and editing. The Creature fx contains a broad range of animal mutations which can be used separately, combined together or layered with the bass sounds, for quick genetic splicing, quickly creating new creatures and sequences.

*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

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File List
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