New functions of V4X

Enhancing the singing voice with Piapro Studio!

V4X is able to control the new Crypon-developed function E.V.E.C to expand the singing voice's expression and the functions of VOCALOID4 engine through Piapro Studio. Those functions make it possible to express a variety of voice expressions, from voice whispers, nuance of consonants and voice blending to a growling-like voice. As Piapro Studio is in a plugin format that is compatible with both WIN and MAC, it is possible to use the latest voice synthesis functionality in a variety of environments. E.V.E.C. (Enhanced Voice Expression Control) is a newly developed function to expand the singing voice’s expression.


E.V.E.C. (Enhanced Voice Expression Control)

※ For Japanese DB library.

"E.V.E.C." (Enhanced Voice Expression Control) is a newly developed function to expand the singing voice’s expression. "E.V.E.C" enables you to control detailed voice expressions, setting release length and intensity of breaths, as well as emphasizing consonants for more intensity. Get closer to your imagination of a dynamic VOCALOID singing voice than never before!

3 Functions of E.V.E.C

Voice Color function
This new function supports overall voice expression through enabling the selection of various voice expressions at each note, shaping the voice into strong, cute or soft phrasings.
Voice Release function
This new function lets you control the intensity of the breath released at the end of a phrase.
Consonants emphasizing function
This function enables emphasizing consonants by layering several consonants.

Differences between V4X and V3

Singing voice setting in V3

Until now, the more you tried to control voice expressions in detail, the more difficult it was to control sound balance, since the usual way to do it was switching vocalists for each song or each melody part such as soft/hook-line to add voice expressions.

* Note: It used to be necessary to use Append compatible product in multiple tracks and put them together when you wanted to use a variety of singing voice expressions in one song. In some cases, it was also necessary to edit multi track audio.

New usage with E.V.E.C

E.V.E.C lets you control the singing voice freely at each note and each phrase as well. It makes it possible to get closer to your ideal singing voice by controlling voice expressions such as putting strong intensity at the beginning of a song, switching voice databases for a part of the song to whispery voice, or releasing a breath sound at the timing of the last note.

* NOTE: Also E.V.E.C can be controlled on VOCALOID Editor by entering phonemes which make up a note.

E.V.E.C. Sound Sample

3 different sound samples that are created with the different settings of E.V.E.C are played in order.

E.V.E.C. Sound Sample

1. Normal voice without setup → 2. Powerful voice with E.V.E.C setup → 3. Soft voice with breaths

* NOTE: There may be some changes in the samples as the database used for the samples is still under development.


Growl / Cross-Synthesis / Pitch Rendering / Pitch Snap Mode

By controlling the V4X Engine with the Crypton-born vocal editor Piapro Studio, you are given more freedom to control the detailed voice expressions such as nuance of consonant like breathy voice, voice blending, growl (growl-like expressions to the voice).

3 New Functions of V4X

It makes it possible to express a growl-like voice by making the voice tremble strongly. It enables to express a variety of singing styles from blues, rock to screamo.
It enables to create color/tone by blending 2 different libraries and smoothing out the joints between the databases. (※This can be applied to sounds set up with E.V.E.C)
Pitch Rendering
There is a graph that shows pitch and vibrato,which makes it possible to edit the sound by checking the curb of the graph.
Pitch Snap Mode
It is possible to produce robot-like voices easily by turning off the natural pitch curb which is automatically created by the VOCALOID voice synthesis engine.

* When purchasing "HATSUNE MIKU V4X", "KAGAMINE RIN LEN V4X", "MEGURINE LUKA V4X", new functions other than the "growl" function can be used on "HATSUNE MIKU V3", "MEIKO V3" and " KAITO V3" as well.

Visit here for more detailed information and a Piapro Studio tutorial


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