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Analog Arp Loops' flutters from the ModeAudio studio like the delicate wings of starlings in flight, arcing through the sunshine and soaring up to join the clouds in elegant curves of colour and light!

Our latest Mini Pack presents you with a royalty-free choice of 50 gorgeously analog synth riffs, which each loop celebrating one of the most fundamental building blocks of music itself - the humble arpeggio.

From crashing Synthwave bass arps that burst with snarling sawtooth ferocity, to glimmering, delay-drenched melodic patterns dripping in dreamy, detuned nostalgia, each loop in the library offers you an arpeggiated sequence of notes that dance and dip around a specific melodic scale.

With the pack also taking in powerful percussive arps and sizzling SFX sequences along the way, this surprisingly diverse selection positively oozes with classic hardware synth character, texture and authority.

Each and every pattern was performed and recorded in real-time using our favourite polyphonic analog synthesizer, which also gave us scope to ride filter cutoffs and tweak envelopes as the synth notes climbed and tumbled on top of each other.

The entire pack encompasses tempos of 100, 120 and 130 Bpm, giving you the flexibility to work these sparkling sonic gems into fresh slices of towering Techno, shimmering Pop, ethereal Ambient and far beyond.

Spin the colour wheel and find yourself a fresh piece of spiralling melodic magic - download 'Analog Arp Loops' today!

Pack Details
- 50 Synth Arp Loops
- 100% Royalty Free

*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

File List
File List
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