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Industrial strength samples is set to unleash its 3rd new addition for underground cinematic producers of Indie Films and Games.

We have to start by saying; of course you can use this collection for your music as well! This latest edition dives deep into dark SI Fi. This is not your parents Si Fi mind you. Unlike typical Cinematic packs which offer loads of the same old. We have embarked on a mission for the modern, current and now.

Influenced by Si Fi Films such as Star Wars, Aliens, Blade Runner and tons of space and SI Fi horror movies of new and old. We have created a brand new set of heavy audio with mad scientist synthetic sounds. SI FI Cinematic is made from the ground up folks.

This pack along with some of our other amazing cinematic effects packs such as Drone, Cinematic Tools, Drone and Noise, Texture, Bomb, Drop, LO Fi Cinematic, Sweep, Wind Up and Concrete Noise work extremely well together.

These Industrial Strength Cinematic FX packs cover a wide spectrum of sounds, synth effects,, ambience, machines and of course loads of inspiration audio for you to chop up in the most usable ways to fit your music, film or game.

ok.. Back to business.. SI FI Cinematic, like all our packs is 100% License Free and can be used with your own music or dialogue with no fuss. This unique sample pack offers you a wide selection of 24 Bit Wav files that work in any Daw. This pack works well with Industrial, EBM, Drum n Bass, Dark Techno and just about any experimental electronic music you can throw at it.

If your looking for serious Space Drones, Dark Ambience, Soundscapes and a Fantastic set of Broken transmissions then this is the pack you should be checking out !

If you don’t believe me - That is what we have Demo tracks for. Head over and click one of the many Demo tracks we have created. Each demo was made by randomly picking out sounds and layering and meshing them together along the time line. We used a little verb, some eq and a touch of limiting, to show you how flexible and easy to use this new cinematic pack is.

We know your Indie film might not have a huge budget for sound design content. this is your chance to add over 4 Ghz of Highly Unique SFX to your new creation for not much coin without sacrificing any Quality. We know you like that.

Directer Not included.

24 Bit 44.1Khz stereo and Mono Wav files4.67 GB Size35 Atmos30 Computer Fx20 Containment Fields20 Crackes20 Downlifters40 Drones30 Drops10 Static25 Emissions21 Impacts41 Key Pads60 Laser Sounds72 Machinery20 Textures70 Mattel Synsonics Drum Machine50 Perc Shots57 Planetary Sounds21 Distorted Soundscapes20 Dives20 Ice Drones10 Landings10 Take off’s20 Lush20 Risers fx30 Reverse Fx30 SFX50 Ship Fx20 Solar Winds20 Sub Space20 Synth Fx21 Synth Sounds30 Soundscapes40 Alien Communications41 Broken Transmissions58 Space Vocals20 Strange Drones5 Sub Drones41 ISR_Cinematic Textures Bonus Pack

*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

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File List
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