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Take your productions to new heights with this super inspirational collection of FX from 5Pin Media specifically tailored for Techno, Tech House, Minimal and beyond.

FX Plus is loaded with loops and one-shots essential for bringing out the drama, tension, punch and that "extra something" in a dance track. Comprising of Textures, Ambiences, Drum FX, Vocal FX, Sweeps, Atonal Sounds and Impacts, ranging from big sounds to little nuances all guaranteed to add that professional FX touch.

"Please note that the conventional Drum & Bass parts feature in the demo are from "Deep Minimal Tech" by 5Pin. All other sounds including vocals and fx drums are from FX Plus."

Loop Details:

Atonal: 20 @ 124bpm - FM bells, Electronic Insects, Bleeps, Bit Crushed Alarms, Detuned Chords, Screeches and Brittle Chimes.

Background: 30 @ 123bpm - Rhythmic Drone Noise, Textured Rhythmic Noise, Vinyl Layers, Electronic Machines, Glitched Layers, Distorted and Warped Ambiences, Ambient Layers and 8Bit Glass Chimes.

Background Vocals: 60 @ 124bpm - Glitched Vox, Rhythmic Stutters, Alien Vox, Vocal Beats & Percussion, Distopian Chants, Eerie Robotic Mantras and Bit Crushed Scats.

Drum & Perc Tops: 40 @ 124bpm - Moving Filtered Beats, Bit Crushed Perc, Glitched, Noise Rhythms, Sub Beat Layers, Skittering Perc, Psychoacoustic Perc, Distortions and Machine Perc.

Electronic Fills: 60 @ 124bpm - Moving Filtered Fills/Rolls, Dubby Fills, Panning Delayed Perc, Splashy Hat Bursts, Cutting Snare Fills/Rolls, Glitched Bursts, Machine Rolls, Pitched Stops, Reverb Tails, Buzzy Bursts, Abstract Perc and Bit Crushed.

Glitched Vocals: 30 @ 123bpm - Warped Alien Scats, Glitched Stutterings, Pitched Warbling, Robotic Tics and Buzzes, Omen Vox.

Rise & Breakdown : 27 @ 124bpm - Noise Risers & Breakdowns, Atonal Downers, LFO Spins, Landings, Take-offs, Fly-Byes, Dopplers and UFOs

One-Shot Details:

Atonal: 20 - FM bells, Bleeps, Bit Crushed Alarms, Detuned Chords, Screeches and Dissonant Chimes.

Doppler Sweeps: 25 - Atonal Doppler Sweeps, Noise Panning Sweeps, Textured Panning Sweeps and Rhythmic Panning Sweeps.

Drum FX: 30 - Crunching Ping Pong Delayed Hits, Noise Layered Perc, Atmospheric Snares and Hats, Drum Impacts, Dubbed Out Perc and Subtle Cymbal Delays.

Impacts: 41 - WTF? Hits, Cinematic Bangs, Noise Perc Sweeps, Bombs, Scatterings, Glitched Hits, Abstract Hits, Eeerie Tapped Delays and Big Reverb Tails.

Vocal Long: 17 - Atmospheric Vox, Dreamy BigVerbs, Cavernous Murmurings, Vox Sweeps and Angelic Washes.

White Noise: 17 - Silky Waterfalls, Tonal Layered Textures, Splashes, Tumblers and Rollers.

All sounds are 100% royalty free. Please download the free-taster to experience the quality for yourself.

- 24Bit Quality
- 600 Mb (unzipped)



- Atonal 20
- Background 30
- Background Vocal
- 60Drum & Perc Tops
- 40Electronic Fills
- 60GLitched Vocal
- 30Rise and Breakdown
- 27(WAV and Apple Loops formats)


- Atonal 20
- Doppler Sweeps 25
- Drum FX 30
- Impacts 41
- Vocal Long 17
- White Noise 17
(From  5PIN MEDIA)

*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

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File List
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