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EarthMoments presents Hamsa Vol. 02 - Arabic Percussion - an exploration into the mystical world of Oriental percussion and grooves from distant corners of the Middle East, North Africa, and Arabic musical traditions.
Extolled for its rhythmic complexity and rich diversity, Middle Eastern percussive traditions feature a variety of hand drums that form the mainstay of the practice. Included in the bundle are the Dumbek - a classic ‘goblet’ shaped drum with a deeply resonant sound; the Darbuka - also ‘goblet’ shaped, and said to be a modern variation of the Dumbek; and the Riq - a frame drum with 5 sets of cymbals, usually skinned with goat or fish skin. A journey into the esoteric, these rare loops and samples will add an unmistakably other-worldly touch to any production.
The bundle offers producers a broad spectrum of hypnotic grooves and unusual rhythmic patterns to choose from, traversing a range of traditional styles. These include:
Malfuf: Originating in Egypt and Lebanon, this fast rhythm is often played as an intro for classical orchestral compositions, especially created for a belly dancer’s entrance and exit.
Tsifteteli: This hypnotic rhythm is often used for the sensuous movements of the belly dancer - such as undulations of the torso, floor work, or when the dancer moves with snake like arms.
Baladi: An urban folk rhythmic style, a derivative of which is the Maqsoum rhythm - the most common rhythm in Arabic belly dance music.
Karachi: Originating in Pakistan, this is a fast rhythm commonly found in modern Egyptian and North African music.
24 Bit Quality108 Darbuka Loops - 80-140bpm219 Darbuka & Dumbek Loops - 80-140bpm156 Darbuka, Dumbek & Riq Loops - 100-140bpm132 Darbuka & Riq Loops 100-140bpm114 Dumbek Loops 80-140bpm152 Dumbek & Riq Loops - 100-140bpm65 Riq Loops - 100-140bpm

*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

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