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Lenny Dee Snare is collection of boutique analog snare drums for any style of music. This crazy Snare pack is geared up for layering and using with modern drum software. The incredible selection of snares was recorded in studios from around the world.
Snare features over 500 Snare Shots. The snare drums have been captured by 2 Inch, Half Inch and Quarter inch Tapes as well as Dat, Sampler Discs, Various Mixers and loads of Mic pres. This pack includes snare drums form across Lenny Dee’s drum packs mixed with loads of new content.
All the samples have been re recorded back into Pro Tools Hd. Each sound has been edited and leveled for instant use. The Snare sounds are raw and ready for layering and effects. Each sound within this pack has plenty of head room so you can create unique monster snares.
Our demo track only features a few of the snares in this over sized drum shot pack. With over 500 it was impossible to show you them all. The snares used in the demo are Un layered and raw. We featured many Snare tones and Verb Layers, Live snares and of course, some good old classic Drum machine snares.
Lenny Dee’s Snare includes a selection of Clicks, Snare Drums, Low Mid and Hi Layers, Claps, Flam’s, Ghost Snare Fills, Mallets, Clap Snares, Verb Layers, Snare Tone Layers, Electronic Snares, Keyboard Snares and of course Rimshot’s and Sticks for extra layering possibilities.
The Snare drums in this collection work very well with Hip Hop, Techno, Trap, House, Nu Soul, Funky Breaks and of course Drum n Bass. The Snare Shots in this pack could also work great with Drum Replacement software.
There are loads and loads of unique sounding snare drums to use as is. This hand crafted pack can be used with any drum software or soft sampler in combination to create signature sounding shots in no time flat.
Snare is a 100% License Free wav collection that will work in any Daw. Snare also features NI Battery 4 Kits so u can trigger, layer and create your patterns while using this great drum software from Native instruments. The Demo Track is the First 4 NI Battery Kits..and there are 13. So, If your looking to beef up your Snares with loads of texture for use with multiple styles of music then Lenny Dee’s Snare collection might be what your looking for.
Broken Drum Sticks Not included
+ You must own a copy of NI Battery 4 to use the kits included in the pack +
24 Bit Stereo and Mono Wav405 Snares134 Claps and Rim Shots45 Flam and Ghost Fills30 Percussion Bits13 NI Battery 4 Kits1 Demo Snare Stem610 Total Shots

*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

File List
File List
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