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Future Hop brings you a new flavour of futuristic, organic hip hop, with leftfield melodies and lofi textural percussion. We've brought together a vast collection of sounds for you to play with from natural, rustic melodic tones to organic, gritty beats. Fill up your sonic spectrum with heart-wobbling wonky basslines, gorgeous evolving pads, cosmic arpeggio synth loops, heavily-processed vocal loops, delicate real-world instrument loops and warm, toasty rhodes loops. Our percussion loops have been intricately processed with multiple layers of processed ambient noise and spaced-out swung percussion to put a rough & more human feeling back into electronic drum loops.
We used just about every material we could find to record and process unique drum sounds & textures to weave in and out of your music. From windchimes & rainsticks to gravel & old vinyl records. All of these can be used to add a depth and organic authenticity to your music. Not to mention the huge collection of melodic & percussive one shots, featuring processed cello & violin shots, synthesized keys shots, snappy snares, hard-hitting kicks and both dry and granular-synthesis processed percussion shots in order to make it as easy as possible to create your latest masterpiece.

Tech Specs
- 24 Bit Quality
- 598MB
- 26 Bass Loops
- 87 Melodic and Synth Loops
- 65 Drum and Percussion Loops
- 21 Rhythmic Texture Loops
- 28 Vocal Loops
- 23 Melodic One Shots
- 18 Hi Hats
- 66 Foley Percussion Hits
- 15 Kicks
- 69 Processed Percussion Hits
- 15 Snares


*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

  • demosound
  • 110BPM_A_Spies-Lp
  • 110BPM_Bminor_Orchestra-Lp
  • 110BPM_Buried-Drum-Loop-02
  • 110BPM_Dshrpminor_Stoneover-Keys-Lp
  • 110BPM_Eminor_Ninten-Chord-Lp
  • 110BPM_Keepy-Vocal-Lp
  • 124BPM_Aminor_Garden-Dream-Lp
  • 124BPM_Fminor_Shootout-Lp
  • 124BPM_Omino-Drum-Lp
  • 124BPM_Phare-Drum-Lp
File List
File List
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Demosong Playlist
All Clear