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Expect everything from dusty piano tones, flourishing strings and crumbling drum breaks to more unusual, live world instruments, warped and processed vocals and crackling double-bass loops ran through multiple FX chains to replicate the instantly-recognisable tone of tape & vinyl music. Each loop and one shot has been delicately engineered to not only blend into any workpiece but to add a new depth and dimension to your track.
Huge, choppy, saturated drum breaks have been crafted with stretched and squashed drum hits, foley-made percussive shots and distorted field-recordings to really bring out the dusty boom-bap in each sample. Our melodic loops have had light and airy background noises of everything from a vinyl record, to a field-recording of a thunderstorm, to the background noise of a drummer setting up in the studio layered onto them to manipulate the assumption that these samples have been dug out from a crate and had the dust blown off of them.
Create loops from scratch with our vast array of percussive one-shots collected purely from real-world noises and long, rich, decaying chords and chopped shots of loops sourced from a 1930's vintage Kemble Minx upright piano, all processed and tweaked to accentuate the potential of each sample.

- 24bit Wavs
- 1.09GB
- 125 Melodic and Instrument Loops
- 20 Bass Loops
- 55 Percussive and Drum Loops
- 64 Melodic One Shots
- 15 Snare and Claps
- 16 Hats and Cymbals
- 88 Foley Percussion One Shots
- 15 Kicks?


*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

  • demosound
  • 01_90_Ashrpminor_Lazy-Western-LP
  • 02_90_Cshrpminor_San-Fran-Tram-LP-01
  • 03_90_Gminor_Warm-Up-Rhodes-LP
  • 04_90_NA_Ghost-In-The-Tape-Drum-LP
  • 05_95_Aminor_Cello-Chops-LP
  • 06_95_Dmajor_Screwed-Up-Rhodes-LP
  • 07_95_Fshrpmajor_Romeo-LP
  • 08_95_NA_Bleep-Drum-LP
  • 09_95_NA_Cellar-Drum-LP
  • 10_95_NA_Confession-Tape-Drum-LP
  • 11_100_Fshrp_Worn-Vinyl-Bass-LP
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File List
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All Clear