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The scattering flux of cold rain blown to and fro in the wind; the shriek of a gale whipping the grasses at the top of a cliff; the endlessly changeable motion of a stream bubbling through the rocks - welcome to the exquisitely detailed and immersive sound of Elements - Field Recordings!

This collection of 15 atmospheric rain, wind and water Field Recordings is primed to add rich, dense textures to your productions. Whether you require something to cover the silence between pulses of a beat, sounds to blend into a deep rhythmic surge or a potent source for experimental processing, these recordings possess the detail and complexity you need to bring stunning vitality to your sound design!

The release is split into 5 recordings each of between 26 and 60 seconds in length, placing rain, wind and water sounds at centre-stage. First off, the rain recordings detail light drops of water landing softly on grass, heavier sploshes hitting a tarpaulin and the subtle drip-drop of water echoing down an empty underpass - in other words, a rich palette of dense, granular sound.

Next, the 5 wind recordings capture both gentle breezes and powerful gusts of air fluttering and ripping through squeaking woodland trees, as well as dusty currents rattling dry bushes amidst a distant chorus of crickets.

Finally, the water recordings bring streams, waterfalls, pools and lakes together in a choreography of murmuring trickles, gushing cascades and rolling waves - perfect for adding layers of constantly-shifting motion and commotion to your music.

This ambient sound pack makes a wealth of lush sonic material available to you, just bursting to be sculpted further into something of great depth and beauty - download Elements - Field Recordings today to begin the journey!

*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

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