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Pop Ballads Vol. 1 Compilation, 10 Songs with a range of romantic, amorous moods up to cheerful and sweeping. Rockin e-guitars, easy going acoustic guitars, playful piano melodies, warm strings, distinctive drums and groovy basslines. Sounds melancholic,

*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

Track List
1All My Life
Moody Pop-Rock ballad which is especially characterized by warm strings, a deep bassline and shallow guitar melodies. Steady, minimalistic passages alternate with fast passages with a very outstanding powerful drumset as well as very high pitched electric
POPS Drum,Electric Bass,Acoustic Piano,Percussion,Strings,Electric Guitar
Gloomy, mysterious Chillout Track with emotional pads, calm, slow drums and dreamy sfx.
AMBIENT,SCORE MUSIC Drum,Electric FX,Synth Pad,Electric Percussion
Melancholic Pop track with hard electric guitar riffs and slow guitar passages. This gets rounded off with sentimental piano melody and a deep bass melody. The particular attribute of this song is the fact, that the verses transmit a sad prevailing mood,
POPS Drum,Electric Bass,Acoustic Piano,Synth,Electric Guitar
4Cant Wait
Light-hearted Pop composition whose main constituents are a casual guitar theme, distinctive drums and a pressing bass. Later on, those get accompanied by soft strings, as well as a piano which are also carried in the short intro of this composition and p
POPS Drum,Electric Bass,Acoustic Piano,Strings,Electric Guitar
5Feel You
Spherical, very driven guitar Pop-Rock song with a dark ambience.
POPS Drum,Electric Bass,Electric Guitar
6Fly Away
A sad, captivating piano sequence and a creative drumpattern with an unusual snare drum are significant for this emotional ballad. All this is framed by a supremely appealing wah wah guitar and strings. A very special highlight is the virtuosic electric g
POPS Drum,Electric Bass,Acoustic Piano,Percussion,Strings,Electric Guitar
7I Believe
Dynamic, languorous Pop-Rock Track which first of all captivates by an impressive interplay of dark and cheerful fragments. In addition to diversified guitar melodies and opulent drums, mystic drums are found.
POPS Drum,Electric Bass,Electronic Piano,Strings,Electric Guitar
8Innocent Man
Motivating, buoyant Pop-Rock song with an extremely positive flair, which is mainly caused by the impressive bassline and the elated intonation of the piano. This impression is encouraged by gorgeous string hits and unobtrusive percussions.
POPS Drum,Electric Bass,Electric FX,Acoustic Piano,Synth,Percussion,Strings,Electric Guitar
9My Immortal
Calm, summerly Pop Ballad. Nonchalant harmonies meet rock elements, producing a very special, carefree mood that runs like a red thread through the entire playing time of this piece.
POPS Drum,Electric Bass,Acoustic Piano,Strings,Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Sentimental Pop composition with dark basic melodies, mainly characterized by guitars. A lively drumset and warm, deep strings reinforce this impression.
POPS Drum,Electric Bass,Organ,Acoustic Piano,Electronic Piano,Strings,Acoustic Guitar
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Demosong Playlist
All Clear