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Trailer Trax Sound Effects is 3 CDs of more than 1,000 larger than life feature film-styled royalty free sound effects, plus a full CD of dramatic over the top movie music trailers. All 16 musical compositions are provided in 6 versions including a full mix, an alt mix (underscore), broadcast lengths and stinger tracks. The feature film sound effects are provided in a broad range of 25 effects categories including: Alarms & Sirens, Arcs & Sparks, Bells, Booms & Explosions, Building Blocks, Collisions, Comedy, Danger & Mystery, Discharges, DJ FX, Fantasy & Magic, Guns & Bullets, Hits & Thuds, Jets & Liftoffs, Musical Phrases, Musical Stabs, Race Bys, Scrapes & Chatter, Smashes & Crashes, Space Junk, Switches & Toggles, That's Gonna Hurt, Tones & Drones, Whizz Bys & Whooshes, and Zingers & Zaps. This 5 disc collection features 4 Audio CDs and 1 DVD ROM which offers the complete contents as 16 / 44.1 broadcast WAV files ? Trailer Trax Sound Effects.

*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.


File List
File List
  • About MUTANT: Search sounds by using the 'Keyword' or 'Description' field in the Sound Management Software "Mutant" (feature available from Vers.3 on).
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