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Given the title of this library, those without an interest in jazz might be tempted to pass on by in search of something more cutting edge. In doing that, however, you might just miss out on something a little bit different.

Zero-G's Akoustik Bass Hitz is not just another jazz-flavoured collection of acoustic bass samples. Yes, there are some jazz loops here - but there are also all sorts of other musical styles represented, including some not usually associated with acoustikc bass. The collection also includes other construction-kit elements (38 kits, totalling some 900 WAV files and a similar number of REX loops) as there are a number of drum loops and a smattering of other instrumental loops designed to work with the basses.

So far, so normal. However, in experimenting with the WAV files using Sony Acid Pro, a number of things stood out. First, the quality of the acoustic bass playing is excellent. Chip Jackson's playing has 'attitude' written all the way through it, and whatever musical context these loops are used in they will add a distinctive character of their own. Second, the sound of the bass is huge and feels very 'live'. Of course, some of the loops are laid back and cool, but there are just as many that have a tremendous amount of energy, with loads of finger noise to add character - just take care with your speakers, as the bottom end of this lot will really get those cones moving! Indeed, with a few loops, I had to use a little EQ to stop the overall output levels getting out of control and to get the bass sitting in the mix. This said, I'd rather have the bottom end and then cut it a little rather than attempt to add it to a flimsy-sounding bass line. The other loops provided are equally inspiring - mainly drums, but also including a good number of guitar loops, while the occasional Rhodes, dobro, banjo, and mandolin are thrown in for good measure. There is easily enough material here to construct complete rhythm sections and some full backing tracks without dipping into other libraries.

However, as mentioned above, perhaps the most interesting feature is the range of musical styles covered. Folders such as 3-4 Jazz and On the Jazz Tip do, of course, deliver exactly what you might expect from the acoustic bass (although the results here are big and very much in your face) and there are also a number of lounge-style pieces. However, there are some surprises too - Jungle, Funk, Hip Hop, Dance Reggae, Latin, Swing, Bluegrass and even Metal all get a look in. The latter is impressive and weird in equal amounts - think lo-fi acoustic bass with distortion playing Led Zeppelin-style riffs and you will get the general idea.

Although the collection contains some repetition (the same phrases are played at a number of different pitches within some of the construction kits), it would be churlish to be too critical given the quantity of material supplied, the multiple formats, and the selling price. However, what is really impressive is the speaker-shaking sound and attitude of the playing. If you don't usually consider acoustic bass to be part of you musical palette, Akoustik Bass Hitz might just change your mind.
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  • フォーマット:WAV, REX2
  • リリース時期:2010年6月
  • メーカー:ZERO-G

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