• 媒体名:Keyboard誌(USA)
  • 更新日:00.07.01
スタイル: 8点

バラエティさ: 9点

お買得度: 8点

「リズム・ループ満載のサンプリングCDが欲しい? それならこれ、『Breakbeat2』がオススメ。ドラム・サウンドのみを99トラック、72分間たっぷり収録している。自然と足でリズムを刻んでしまうビーツに、クラシック・ムード満点のサウンド。...テンポは大体が85~110bpmになっていて、いい感じに汚れされているもの、タイトなもの、ビンテージもののドラムキットを使ってプレイされたもの、アナログ盤独特のノイズ入りのものなど、サウンドのバラエティも様々だ。グルーヴ感にこだわりたい、今すぐトラックに合うサウンドが欲しい、自分のライブラリーに今までとはどこか違うクールで斬新なビートを加えたいと思っているプロデューサーなら是非このCDをゲットして欲しい。求めていたサウンドが見つかること保証済み!」
Style: 8

Variety: 9

Bank for the Buck: 8

Need a CD that's jam-packed with rhythm loops? You just found it. Breakbeat 2 gives you 99 tracks, a full 72 minutes, with nothin' but the drums. Add a low-down sub-bass or woofer-melting synth kick, a little whistling lead synth, some chunka-chunka rhythm guitar, and maybe a muted trumpet squeal (none of which are supplied in this very focused CD) and you'll be ready to rap. The beats got my feet moving, and the sounds project a real mood. Assistant editor Ken Hughes was enthusiastic too: "These loops would not earn your music a 'wack' label."

Tracks 2 through 87 average eight bars or more in length, and just about every bar has a few little changes to keep your listeners hooked. Maybe the beat stays the same but the snare tone runs through a flanger so it has more of a ringing sound in bars 3 and 4. Maybe the kick changes to a whole new sample halfway through the track.

The idea seems to be that you won't use the tracks as is. Instead, you'll want to chop them apart, maybe use a one-bar sample as a loop in the first verse, then switch to an A-B-A-C four-bar pattern in the second verse and so on. If that's how you like to work, Breakbeat 2 has you covered. I loaded a couple of beats into Emagic Logic Audio Platinum, and found that they looped flawlessly at the bpm listed in the liner notes. Plus, when I looped bars 2 and 3 of one of the CD tracks, it made a good two-bar phrase.

Each track ends with individual hits of many of the drum sounds in the beat. A few sounds may turn up missing, so you won't necessarily be able to reconstruct the whole beat using the individual hits. I don't think that's the point. The point is to give you a head start if you want to sequence a related pattern for the chorus or whatever.

Most of the tempos are in the 85-110 bpm range, with a few tracks faster or slower. The amount of sonic variety is intense: Some tracks are big and grungy, some are tight and tappy, some are played on classic kits, some are processed with back alley reverb and built-in vinyl noise. "I'm pleased with the lo-fi quality of many of the loops," Ken commented. "If the urban thing is where you and your music live, you'll find tons of stuff ripe or picking." The CD finishes off with some tracks that are just collections of two-bar loops with no breakouts of individual instruments. If you're in a hurry and never want to mess with the groove, this is the place to start.

Breakbeat 2 seems to be aimed at musicians who already have a pretty good sample library. It's definitely not an everything-you-need-to-make-a-record grab bag, it's strictly for producers who want to add some fresh beats to their library. If that's you, you got the word.
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  • フォーマット:WAV, ACID, REX2, Stylus RMX, AppleLoops
  • リリース時期:2009年12月

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