• 媒体名:Electronic Musician誌(USA)
Electronic Musician誌(USA)レビュー内容(英語)
Quality of Sounds: 4.5

Documentation: 2.0

Value: 4.0

Pros: Includes drum-kit loops. Large assortment of tracks and one-shots. Comprehensive. High-quality sounds.

Cons: Inadequate documentation. Audio CD only.

Having played various forms of Middle Eastern music over the years, I am well acquainted with the richness and depth of those powerful and captivation styles. For those who desire authentic Middle Eastern rhythms, whether for world fusion or more traditional uses, Big Fish Audio has two recent productions that warrant a close look.

Roots of the Middle East and North Africa was produced by classical pianist, orchestral arranger, and synthesist Norair Sarkissian and performed by accomplished percussionists Mark Assaf, Gary Jaklian, Fareed Suleiman and Ghazi Baradah. Hadeeth - Arabic Rhythms was produced by drummer, producer, and engineer Ara Antranik. Antranik played the drum kit and sakat (finger cymbals), and master session musician Haytham Ballat played the other percussion.


Each collection consists of a single CD. Although their titles are different, both focus on similar ethnic origins and cross into separate styles. The two also cover a broad swath of rhythms from North African countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Egypt; Saudi Arabia; and the Fertile Crescent (Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq).
新発見!! アラビア打楽器を使った躍動的トライバルビート!!
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