• 媒体名:EQ誌(USA)
This is the real deal: some fabulous hip-hop and rap construction kits. Tempos range from 87 to 113 BPM, with most in the 90 - 100 range. The production is crisp and full; even the lo-fi material is hi-fi lo-fi, if you know what I mean. There are 542 files in 38 files, weighing in at a bit over 400 MB; the license agreement is the usual "use these in your own stuff but don't spread 'em around."

Not all folders are construction kits. The ones that are usually include drum loops, composite loops with various parts, and the parts themselves. However, only the drum loops and composite loops are acidized; the other parts are generally one-shots, which means you need to place them in a track by hand. Although this makes track construction from scratch a bit more tedious, it also makes it easy to mix and match different elements in different tunes. Of course, because the loops are acidized, they're candidates for painless mixing and matching.

Some of the acidization is a little suspect (e.g., missed transients, markers that fall on the beat instead of on where the drum actually hits). Realistically, you'll notice this only when varying quite a bit from the original tempo, and mostly when slowing down. These are adjustments you can tweak anyway if needed.

But the main attraction here is sound and usefulness. I could lay down quite a few rhythmic beds for movies and TV shows with just this CD...'nuff said.
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  • リリース時期:2010年1月

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