• 媒体名:Sound On Sound誌(UK)
Sound On Sound誌(UK)レビュー内容(英語)
If you make the sort of music which needs competent rhythmic parts and you don’t know any tight guitar players who own a multi-effects unit, this CD is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Beautifully recorded and intelligently laid out, it covers a wide range of styles in a comprehensive selection of keys. In fact, it’s jam-packed with just about every flavour of wah-wah, overdrive, distortion, and flange known to man. It gives you a lot of flexibility to construct a guitar part that won’t sound sampled. This is a very usable tool which can easily fill out, with real class, the rhythmic elements of a wide range of musical directions. This CD is a triumph in usability and over the top, bad taste, guitar sounds, played in time with plenty of balls. What more could you want?
税込価格 ¥8,976


  • ジャンル:
  • フォーマット:WAV, REX2
  • リリース時期:2010年1月
  • メーカー:ZERO-G

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