• 媒体名:The Mix誌(UK)
  • 更新日:69.06.01
The Mix誌(UK)レビュー内容(英語)
Recorded entirely in Spain this collection features a versatile array of genuine Catalonian flavours performed by a host of respected Flamenco musicians. Included are Flamenco Fusion band Ketama - formed fifteen years ago in Southern Spain, their exquisite blend of Flameno, Jazz, Caribbean Rhythms, Funk and Brazilian Harmonies has established them as a force to be reckoned with in this genre of music. Acclaimed percussionist Tino De Geraldo provides a range of exciting Cajon rhythms and castanets loops at breakneck bpm's ranging from 165 to a pulsating pattern at 230bpm. Zapateado(tapping patterns, in case you were wondering) are also supplied in abundance, both solo and in groups, and the background sounds of laughter, footsteps and breathing add to the overall authenticity of the whole CD. And then, of course, theres the fabulous Flamenco guitar patterns, complete with bpms and listings of keys and covering most of what any Flamenco samplist would desire. And what a choice there is - from single picked phrases to ful on How-Many-Fingers-Have-You-Got? Arpeggio's, the selections are thoughtfully arranged and exquisitely produced. Vocalextracts are provided in the form of both male and female Cantaora, again with accurate indications of the key they are performed in. Also featured here are esteemed artists such as Pepe Haro; a new talent representing the younger generation of Flamenco guitarists;Pedro Andrea, a prominent pop guitarist who has recently delved into the Flamenco world adding his own distinctive flavour to the proceedings; and distinguished vocalists Rafael Silva 'Chocolate' and Ricio Perez Vallejo top it all with a diverse range of samples that will lend a true Catalonian flavour to a variety of styles, whether you're looking to emulate Flamenco music itself or for adding intriguing texture in other styles. Well worth the dosh, guv.
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  • リリース時期:2010年1月
  • メーカー:ZERO-G

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