Future Music誌(UK)レビュー内容(英語)
Rating: 90%

Wicked beats and hits from the grandmasters that brought you Jungle Frenzy 1, one of the first sample CD collections to offer high quality audio.

Jungle Frenzy 1 was one of the first sample CD collections to offer high quality audio, WAV and AIFF files at a budget price so it's no surprise to see a follow-up.

Given the expertise behind it - Alex Banks and Jay Hurren of top jungle crew E-Z Rollers - you'd expect the real deal from Jungle Frenzy 2 and that's what you get.

Jungle/drum n' bass is one of the most well served genres in the world of sample CDs, so it's difficult to provide useful new material, but this disc cracks it.

It opens with 29 beat loops using live drums and percussion as well as programmed sounds to put together some genius patterns. The beats are followed by five tracks of excellent double bass loops, then 27 Rhodes riffs and chords. Next up is a stack of flute samples, all stunningly recorded, first straight and then effected with delays, flanging and reverb.

Further in is a bunch of moody sax riffs and the 'Superbad Samples', a collection of assorted sounds including cool 70s vinyl lifts, analogue synth snippets and effected pieces of all descriptions. Finally there's a short section of percussion hits and some great digital pad samples.

In value for money terms it's hard to fault JF2. Imaginative, well produced and with plenty of variation, there's enough to keep junglists going for ages. Get in early before these samples appear on the commercial releases.

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