• 媒体名:Future Music誌(UK)
  • 更新日:10.11.01
Future Music誌(UK)レビュー内容(英語)
"Producer Loops' collaboration with Eddy Beneteau continues with another high-quality package, this time aimed at Electro House producers. The five construction kits included here offer just about everything: drums, bass, synths and a variety of FX plus one shots if you want to make your own riffs and rhythms.

Prices for the full packages starts at GBP £24.95 (JPY \3,222) (for the REX files only) and go up to GBP £34.95 (JPY \4,514) for Apple Loops or WAV files plus REX and MIDI. As usual from Producer Loops, it's a very versatile package of top quality sounds that tick all the Beatport boxes and should slot into your club tracks with ease."

SCORE (9/10)
税込価格 ¥6,127


  • ジャンル:
  • フォーマット:WAV, ACID, REX2, MIDI
  • リリース時期:2011年1月

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