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5Pin Media reboot their Dawcentrix series with a versatile and dynamic set of Ableton Operator presets covering a wide pallet of sounds.

Ableton Operator Refractions is designed to provide Live 10 Suite users with an inspirational set of presets for a wide range of electronic styles from Tribal Tech, Minimal Tech, Minimal House to Electronic Downtempo inspired by artists such as Minilogue, Efdemin, Plastikman, Daniel Avery, Extrawelt and Kollektiv Turmstrasse amongst others.

For the record there are No Loops nor One-Shot samples in this pack - only Presets and MIDI. All that you hear in the demo, including drums and percussion, is included in the presets. PLEASE NOTE YOU WILL NEED TO HAVE ABLETON LIVE 10 SUITE with MAX FOR LIVE ESSENTIALS installed to use this product fully. This is because we have used Max for Live's LFO Control Device and Convolution Reverb Audio Effect for a few of the presets.

Refractions features 150 Ableton Operator Instrument Racks with Macro Control for manipulating sounds and hands on automation. For a more detailed breakdown of the presets see the "Tech Specs" below. As a bonus we have included the full Live Arrangements for both demos for you to plunder as well as 3 Jam Sessions that could provide the beginnings of a track.

5Pin Media's preset collections are constructed to provide maximum flexibility and control, whilst pushing new boundries to spark your creativity.

Spin up the demo tracks now!

All preset content is 100% royalty free.

Key Features

Macro controlled for easy manipulation of sounds.
MIDI clips corresponding to presets included for auditioning.
Use of Echo effect as a "resonator" to create some unique sounds.
Use of Max for Live's LFO as a modulation source on some presets.
Use of MIDI note velocity as a modulator on many presets for an expressive and dynamic sound.
Please Note: Requires Live 10.1.7+ Suite for Ableton

- 150 Ableton Operator Presets
- 2 Demo Track Live Sets
- 3 Jam Sessions

- 04 Acid 303(Lead/Bass)
- 11 Atmosphere & Texture
- 18 Bass
- 04 Bass_Lead
- 41 Drum & Percussion
- 15 FX
- 03 Key
- 16 Lead
- 24 Pad
- 02 Sequence
- 14 Synth

Please Note: Requires Live 10.1.7+ Suite for Ableton

(From  5PIN MEDIA)

*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

File List
File List
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