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Let's be vocal about it: voices with a soul, just that little magic touch all over them - this is what catches your audience's attention big time!

Once again, Resonance Sound is there for you, delivering the highly anticipated Soulful Vocals 2 by Kasha. This unique sample pack is just right for some creative producer sessions. Kasha's wonderful voice will inspire you and is suitable for a wide variety of genres - be it pop, electronic dance music, hip hop, or something completely different.

Put your hands on 6 elaborate construction kits incl. Demo Track, Lead-, Intro-, Back-, Adlib- and Double Vocals (dry and fx versions). Also, this sample pack contains unique Atmospheres, Spoken Phrases, Spoken Words, Swells and Vocal Phrases.

As with every Resonance Sound product, you can expect only professionally engineered, labeled and sorted samples, ready for instant and inspiring use in your DAW and project of choice. Whether you are into using vocals as-is, chopping and rearranging or just throwing a ton of effects at them - rest assured, these can handle virtually anything and guarantee to be the cherry on top of yet another dancefloor smasher.

All samples are 100% royalty-free, that means you can use it in your tracks and release on labels, use for commercials, youtube, radio and more!

Please note ? Drums and melodic content in Demo are not included in the pack. This is vocal and vocal effects pack only.

- 24 bit WAV

- Kit 01 Poison (Key A#min 124 BPM)
- Kit 02 Never Enough (Key Dmaj 140 BPM)
- Kit 03 Boys Can Cry To (Key Cmaj 120 BPM)
- Kit 04 Beautiful Stranger (Key Dmin 100 BPM)
- Kit 05 Taste It (Key A#min 180 BPM)
- Kit 06 I Do (Key A#min 180 BPM)
- Each Kit contains a Mixed Demo Track

- 15 Spoken Phrases
- 60 Atmospheres (Dry/Wet)
- 30 Spoken Words
- 25 Swells
- 29 Vocal Phrases

*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

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File List
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