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Man when I said we have an in house Move collector. Whew. He is not stopping. We are back with the 2nd sample collection for our new License Free Movie samples collection.

Our first pack was a huge blast of movies. So we thought maybe it was a good idea to take this new collection and give it a new twist. This pack does not include Clips from our last collection. All new content, we know you like that.

You’re ready for a Hip Hop Edition? We are. This new collection offers up all the texture of old school Movies without getting nicked for using stolen elements. We have answered that call in a big way. Now you can safely use 1000% License Free Clips to boost up your beats with no hassle or fuss.

This includes all the Vocal clips as well.

This pack has tons of Movie Clips which fit into grooves or drops. When I say tons I mean 1682 Files coming in at a whopping 4.26 Gb.

This pack reminded us of the Wu Tang Clan and Dirty underground Lo-fi Hip Hop. We are fans… What can I say. Of course it does Not stop their folks. These essential 100% License Free Movie Clips are Tempo marked at 80 Bpm. Geared for Hip Hop.

Light Bulb Moment......You can also use these samples for Industrial Hardcore, Experimental, Breaks, Down Tempo and of course Drum-n-Bass. With a little bit of nudging around and some clever Tempo adjustments. No telling how your beats are going to unfold. With 1682 files to play with your choice is endless.

We offer up Music Clips, Noise, Bass elements, Vocal Clips, Tape hiss, Fx Movie Loops, Drum Bits plus loads of Dark Texture and Grit. We created an onslaught of Movie Misbehaviour.

We could not help ourselves and added bonus material from 100% License Free Movies Clips. Yep …Everything you hear in our Dirty Demos Is in the pack. Except our Filthy Demo Drums. We did add loads of shots and breaks so u can rework it.

These Movie Clips can also be used in home made YouTube Clips, Instagram shorts and sounds for Hip Hop Music and beyond. If you do Sound Design work, We think this pack is gonna be great for you. We added so many different types of sonics for you to really dig into. If you use Izotope Rx you can use this pack to practice your skills for Pre and post Production.

Our Demo Tracks speaks forthemselves really. There is so much juicy 24 Bit Converted Audio, we would have never fit it all in one Demo. Check the Contains List and see what you’re in for. This new collection is a huge follow up to our Award Winning License free Movies collection. Hands Down.

If you seek 100% License Free Movie Clips that are geared for Hip Hop Production Remixing and design. This is it. There is No other pack on the market that even comes close to the usable Hip Hop Movie Clips from the past. It helps when it’s License Free.

This pack really dives deep for all you Hip Hip Heads out there.. So check it out .. If your on the hunt for this sort of audio collection. We hope you enjoy our take on this niche Hip Hop production element.

10000% License Free Movie Clips Included.

*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

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File List
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