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Also we provided presets for all mastering plugins which allows you to use it in any other DAW too, such as FL Studio, Bitwig, Studio One, Pro Tools and more.

Available for download as a Full Zip, and for selected Genres or Plugins separately. For £6,95 only you receive templates and plugins for both genres Rawstyle and Psytrance same time as a bonus, which allows you to make some experiments and think different - try to remaster your Psytrance track in Rawstyle template and vice versa!

Also all genres have their own technical requirements and examples of these settings are included in the templates.

Each Template contains a DAW project file, containing an example demo song routed through a dedicated Master Channel Strip containing all the necessary EQ, Compression, Saturation, Maximization and FX settings that can be used on your own productions as a final Master Tool.

Mastering Projects for each Genre and presets for favourite plugins are also available to purchase separately.

Please Note: Tracks presented in this pack are included for demonstration only, sharing or any commercial use of the tracks is not allowed.

Please ensure you select the correct format for your requirements. Details for the versions required are included in the details below and in the whats inside purchase options.

*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

  • Mastering_Combined_DEMO
  • Mastering_DEMO_01
  • Mastering_DEMO_02
  • Attention: Hard disk must be in the following format: HFS or NTFS +
  • About KONTAKT format: Please note that this product is not compatible with Kontakt Player, and requires the full retail version of Kontakt to work. This product will not appear in the Kontakt library pane and so cannot be loaded into Kontakt using the Add Library button.
  • When the checkout is complete, 2 confirmation mails which contain Serial Numbers are sent to you mail address.
  • There are NO returns or refunds due to the nature of download products.

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