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Experimental electronics, powerful broken-beats and dense synths textures abound in this inspirational homage to the pioneers of Intelligent Dance Music and avant-garde electronica.

Combining ambitious wavetable sound-design, complex glitch-style drum production and stacks of analogue and modular synth melodic loveliness, this is a deeply diverse selection of sounds designed to satisfy curious creators and connoisseurs of experimental electronica.

Drum Loops > 78 stripped-down beat concoctions and raw-machine rhythms designed to confound and drive an open-minded dance floor.

Bass Loops > SH-101 style bass-lines, saturated hoovers, 80s arp basses and old-school rave shots. Key/tempo labelled at 120bpm and served with MIDI where possible.

Synth Loops > Expansive FM chord sequences, distorted arpeggios and endless pads served at 120bpm and with MIDI where possible.

FX > Vintage rack-mount FX sequences and cavernous reverb impacts.

Vocals > Hypnotic vocal transformations, glitched-up soprano phrasing and spoken-word computer malfunctions.

34 Bass loops / 34 Midi78 Drum loops16 FX loops66 Synth Loops / 66 Midi19 Vocal loops

*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

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  • UNDRGRND-Sounds_Melodic-IDM_Beats-Demo
  • UNDRGRND-Sounds_Melodic-IDM_Melodics-Demo
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File List
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All Clear