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Twisted, wonky, off-the-wall sounds for dark rooms and sweaty basements!
The result of countless late night studio sessions where the synths were tweaked to f*ck, drum machines jacked and meters run sizzle-hot, these are pure analogue jams ready to make your house and techno productions freak!
Expertly produced by one of techno’s most respected stalwarts, these loops and MIDI grooves have a career’s worth of know-how crammed in every MB.
Spanning all sub genres of house, techno and electro - from deep and dubby to trippy and techy - this sample pack is full of unique and inspiring analogue-derived sounds ready to work sweaty basement clubs. Stick these sounds in your DAW or sampler of choice and start laying down some tripped out and seriously funky 4/4 bizniz with ease!
Beats > Pumped and jacked drum box grooves loaded with a gritty analogue aesthetic. Raw-to-the-floor grooves that just work, ya know? Beats come with full mixes and individual stems for easy mix-and-match action plus there’s a folder of percolating percussion grooves to add more rhythmic dynamite to the mix.
Bass > Dark hoovers, funky square wave licks, glitchy low-end grooves, FM monsters and more. Pure analogue bassline bangers - key-labeled as standard and offered with MIDI versions with possible.
Synths > Seriously freaky synth excursions cooked up late night in the lab! Funky, trippy, techy and twisted these analogue lines, riffs and hooks are proper naughty! Key-labeled and come with MIDI where possible.
Track Tools > 12 bumping basement traxx ready to be mined, mixed and reworked into your own arrangements. Cherry-pick your favourite loops and MIDI files for other projects or rework these tools into fresh shapes. Either way, there’s stacks of loops waiting to be mined. All key-labeled and tempo-synced for total flexibility.
Vox > Heavily processed vocal elements with a late night narcotic vibe. Tempo-synced and ready to drop in your DAW.
FX > Processed percussion, freaky synth elements and sci-fi sounds for seamless builds and transitions. Tempo-synced for ease.

*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

  • demosound
  • 00_full_demo_2
  • 01_US_BJ_120_DrumLoop_Ghost
  • 02_US_BJ_120_DrumLoop_Lotech
  • 03_US_BJ_120_DrumLoop_Suckit
  • 04_US_BJ_120_SynthLoop_Booka_Fm
  • 05_US_BJ_120_SynthLoop_Bouncer_Dm
  • 06_US_BJ_120_SynthLoop_Dubchordz_Em
  • 07_US_BJ_120_SynthLoop_Filtronic_Gm
  • 08_US_BJ_120_SynthLoop_Retrochord_Cm
  • 09_US_BJ_120_SynthLoop_Squared_Dm
  • 10_US_BJ_120_PercLoop_Perky
  • 11_US_BJ_120_Bass_Naughtee_Gm
  • 12_US_BJ_120_Bass_90s_A
  • Beats_Demo
  • Melodics_Demo
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File List
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