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Loopmasters hit warp speed with the latest in our Synth Explorer series - the Korg ER1! Delve inside the phattest selection of royalty-free samples, paying tribute to this legendry Drum Machine/Synthesizer which continues to inspire generations of electronic music producers!
The Korg Electribe ER1 was released in 1999, heralded as the ultimate beat machine of the future. It featured four analog-modelling Synthesizers taken from the Korg's Prophecy and Z1 series, as well as PCM Drum sounds, Audio Inputs, Delay FX, Recordable Automation and a killer sixty four step sequencer! With modulation options for each Synth part, internal Ring Modulation and a special Bass Boost function - the Korg ER1 sounds like nothing else!
Loopmasters have captured the tonal flexibility of the Korg ER1 in all its glory, with supersonic Basses, choppy electro-Percussion, shimmering Drum hits, metallic FX and epic Leads! 400 Loops come recorded without effects, bringing you a full spectrum of sound - with Tops, Full Drums, Synths, Bass, Kicks, Snares, Percussion, FX and more. You'll also find bonus `Pog Top' Loops and over 100 Modulated Loops using a secret recording technique that has been handed down since the late 1990s.
Loops aside, you'll find a space-age selection of FX with Drones, Movements and FX one hits to create atmosphere and aid smooth transitions. Amongst the 376 one-hit samples, you'll also find Basses, Synths and Drums - which include Kicks, Tuned Kicks, Snares, Hats and Percussion. 79 Sampler patches and 403 Rex2 loops deliver even more creative firepower!
Korg ER1 Specifications:
* Polyphony - 10 Voices
* Multitimbral Voices - 4 Synthesizers, 2 Audio Inputs, Open & Closed Hi Hats, Crash Cymbal and Hand Clap.
* Modulation Shapes: Square, Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, Noise and Sample&Hold.
* Memory - 256 Patterns, 16 songs
* Sequencer - 64 steps per part, motion sequence [1 parameter per part], 64 events
* Songs - 256 patterns per song, event recording with up to 35,700 events
* Control - MIDI and 12 Touch Pads
* Effects - Delay (normal, motion sequence, tempo delay), Ring Modulation
* Date Produced - 1999
* Famous owners: Orbital, the Crystal Method, Massive Attack, and the Chemical Brothers.
In detail expect to find 890Mb of content with 776 individual 24-Bit wav files. 400 Loops are included with 104 Modulated Loops, 71 Tops, 55 Kicks, 45 Synths, 42 Bass, 18 Pog Tops, 16 Percussion, 10 Beats, 10 Snares, 8 Hats, 6 EPercs, 4 Claps, 4 FX, 3 Full, 2 Cymbals, 1 Noise and 1 Grind Loop. 376 One Hits include 32 Basses, 19 Drones, 218 Drums [11 Crash, 25 Hats, 29 Kicks, 58 Tuned Kicks, 54 Percs and 51 Snares], 49 FX, 24 Movement and 34 Synth Hits. 403 Rex2 Loops are included with 79 Sampler patches for NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, Sfz and Exs24.
An unprecedented range of tempos between 64-240BPM give you fuel for Techno, Drum & Bass, Breaks, House, HipHop, Synthwave and all forms of Electronica.
Each collection in the series will be produced, performed and recorded by highly regarded producers who will remain anonymous as they take a step back and let these classic synths take to the stage. Set the co-ordinates for the heart of the mothership, as we commence a new sonic adventure with Synth Explorer ER1!


*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

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