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Are you looking to add 3.93GB of killer Tech House audio, MIDI, Presets, tutorial videos and production tips and tricks to your studio.

This is Tech House Megapack - the brand new megapack from Sample Tools by Cr2.

This pack contains a massive 3.93GB of content spread across the absolute highest quality audio, MIDI, Presets, Video Tutorials and tips and tricks booklet from our acclaimed packs Dark Tech House 1 and Tech House 1 and 2.

This pack is jammed with funky rolling Tech House drum loops, bass loops, synth loops, punchy drum hits, FX and fills and much much more.

We also include our highly popular songstarter construction kits enabling you to get killer ideas together fast with the minimum of fuss.

All melodic parts are available as MIDI files and we also include a collection of 93 cutting edge synth presets for Massive and Sylenth.

We aim to deliver the ultimate product for novice and advanced user alike - allowing you to delve as deep as you wish to generate your own sound.

Thats why we also provide 9 Prod-Cast video tutorials shining a light on the techniques we used in the packs and 3 booklets containing tips and tricks from the producers.

Finally after we have provided you with the tools to make killer tracks we introduce ways to focus on your mindset and mental approach to the creative process with our video with music production productivity guru Mike Monday (every music producers best friend).

If you want to quadruple your studio output watch this video NOW.

We are proud to put the Cr2 name to this pack.

We are Sample Tools by Cr2 and this is Tech House Megapack.

Dark Tech House

- 506 x 44.1KHZ Wav Audio Loops and One-Shots
- 30 x Bass Hits
- 50 x Bass Loops
- 20 x Claps
- 20 x Hats
- 30 x Kicks
- 20 x Percussion
- 20 x Snares
- 25 x Drum Loops (as stem variants)
- 30 FX and Fills
- 40 x Synth Loops
- 107 x MIDI files
- 26 x Massive Presets
- 25 x Sylenth Presets
- 8 x Songstarter Construction Kits (containing 121 audio files)
- 3 x Prodcast Video Tutorials
- 1 x Ableton Template
- 1 X Logic Template
- 1 x Music Productivity Psychology Video
- 1 x Booklet containing tips and tricks from the producer

Tech House 1

- 580 x 44.1KHZ Wav Audio Loops and One-Shots
- 17 x bass hits
- 23 x Sylenth bass hit presets
- 35 x bass loops
- 20 x claps
- 20 x hats
- 45 x kicks
- 30 x percussion
- 20 x snares
- 20 x drum loops (split into stems)
- 22 x FX sounds
- 58 x MIDI files
- 8 x Songstarter Construction Kits
- 24 x Massive Presets
- 23 x Synth Loops
- 20 x Vox Loops
- 3 x Prod-Cast Video Tutorials
- 1 x Booklet containing tech House tips and tricks

Tech House 2

- 653 x 44.1KHZ Wav Audio Loops and One-Shots
- 20 x Vox Loops
- 30 x Synth loops
- 18 x Sylenth Presets
- 20 x Synth Hits
- 8 x Songstarter Construction Kits
- 80 x MIDI Loops
- 20 x FX Sounds
- 115 x Drum Loops (Loop + variants)
- 120 x Drum Hits
- 20 x Bass Loops
- 20 x Bass Hits
- 3 x Prod-Cast Video Tutorials
- 1 x Booklet containing tech House tips and tricks


*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

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File List
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