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Singomakers are extremely proud to present an insane fusion of two monster genres, ladies and gentleman - welcome to Ragga Trap!
Containing the Beautiful soul and mood of Ragga and insane monster beats, drops and Drive of crazy Trap tracks!
In detail expect to find 777 mb of wav 24 bit samples including 125 Trap One Shots, 30 Ragga Guitar Loops, 20 Ragga Brass Loops, 30 Trap Beatz, 30 Live Bass Loops, 30 Funky Live Drum Loops, 30 Trap Synth Loops, 30 FX, 30 Massive Presets and 170 Rex2 Files!
This atomic fusion of samples will provide you with unlimited inspiration and a huge amount of amazing Ragga Trap tools.
All samples recorded and processed with professional studio equipment from Manley, Avalon, Octava and Universal Audio.
Combining the best inspiration from the likes of Bob Marley with modern Trap sounds like Yellow Claw, Singomakers are making a giant step forward with Ragga Trap samples, check this amazing demo and get your copy while it's hot!


*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

  • demosound
  • 01_SRT_Brass_Loop_90_Bpm_02_E
  • 02_SRT_Brass_Loop_90_Bpm_15_B
  • 03_SRT_Drum_Loop_90_Bpm_03
  • 04_SRT_Drum_Loop_90_Bpm_18
  • 05_SRT_Drum_Loop_90_Bpm_30
  • 06_SRT_Guitar_Loop_90_bpm_04_A
  • 07_SRT_Guitar_Loop_90_bpm_06_A
  • 08_SRT_Guitar_Loop_90_bpm_09_D
  • 09_SRT_Live_Bass_Loop_90_Bpm_18_G
  • 10_SRT_Live_Drum_Loop_05_90_bpm
  • 11_SRT_Live_Drum_Loop_12_90_bpm
  • 12_SRT_Live_Drum_Loop_24_90_bpm
  • 13_SRT_Melody_Loop_90_Bpm_07_G
  • 14_SRT_Melody_Loop_90_Bpm_12_C#
  • 14_SRT_Melody_Loop_90_Bpm_12_Cshrp
  • 15_SRT_Melody_Loop_90_Bpm_14_E
  • 16_SRT_Melody_Loop_90_Bpm_20_A
  • 17_SRT_Melody_Loop_90_Bpm_23_G
  • 18_SRT_Melody_Loop_90_Bpm_27_D
  • 19_SRT_Muted_Guitar_Loop_90_bpm_01_C
  • 20_SRT_Muted_Guitar_Loop_90_bpm_10_A
File List
File List
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Demosong Playlist
All Clear