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Plug your creative mind into the cosmos as Loopmasters bring a beautiful royalty free sample collection of spiritual atmospheres, ambient grooves and soothing percussion ready to infuse your Chill, Ambient and Meditational productions with the perfect Zen.
Zen Ambient has been created exclusively for Loopmasters by Ralph Cree and features an ethereal collection of loops and one shot samples of Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Chimes, Bells, Gongs, Frame Drums, Melodic Tank Drum (metal tongue drum), Sansula (thumb piano), Piano, Field Recordings and a touch of chilled vocals.
The instruments belong to Jim Fox and Kiera Jones (from The Centre, Swansea) and were recorded by Ralph Cree and Dizzi Dulcimer on a Rode NT2 Microphone, and an AKG C1000S Microphone. Many of the Loops feature extended tails to allow each instrument to decay to its full extent and are best used across two audio tracks in your DAW alternating between each track, this way you keep the natural resonance running into the next bar as the loop ends.
Ralph Cree has been performing Drums, World Percussion and Piano since 1991. He has a degree in World Music from the School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London) and has played with artists such as Chris Martin, Ben Waters and BiggaBush. He runs a 20 piece Samba band called `The Magic Drum Orchestra'; records his own solo work under the name `Undulus'; and plays Hang and Hammered Dulcimer in an acoustic duo with his wife Dizzi Dulcimer under the name `The Crees'.
In Detail expect to find a whopping 1.89Gb with 64 Loops and 189 One Shot Samples recorded at 24Bit 44.1Khz including 4 Frame Drum Loops, 14 Tank Drum Loops, 10 Sansula Loops, 3 Piano Loops, 1 SFX Loop, 16 Djembe Loops, 11 Udu Loops, 5 Shaker Loops, 6 Long Freetime melodic Loops, 6 Bell Sounds, 32 Singing Bowl Hits, 5 Chime Shots, 6 Nature Field Recordings, 2 Frame Drum Hits, 21 Gong Shots, 11 Djembe Sounds, 13 Udu Hits, 5 Shaker Shots, 1 Sansula Multi Sampled Instrument, 2 Female Vocal Chants, 7 Tank Drum Multi Sampled Instruments, 67 Rex 2 Files and 25 Soft Sampler Instrument Patches.
If you are looking to produce Mediation, Chillout or Ambient music this collection will prove invaluable, make sure you press play on the demo track and download the free to use taster samples and then relax whilst you sample Zen Ambient TODAY!

*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

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