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  • Release 2014.12
  • 商品コード 97645
  • 短縮コード UEBGMP177
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11 Deephouse tracks with a range of energetic and serious up to some relaxed and calm songs. Drum grooves are accompanied by e-guitars, weird fx-sounds, smooth basslines and synthesizers. A good compilation according to club and entertainment themes.

*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

Track List
1Dance 2
Strong and rousing Deephouse track with a deep, but smooth bassline, dreamy lead lines, spherical and processed pad sounds with filter. Sounds like lounge, cocktails, high fashion catwalk and chic ambience. This version is without vocals.
DEEP HOUSE Drum,Electric Bass,Electric FX,Pad,Percussion
2Elements 2
Secretive Deephouse-Track, comes along with a very straight beat and a deep, hypnotic bassline. The monotony gets broken by sparingly used breaks, which are equipped with spherical chord sounds which sounds little bit mystic.This version is without vocals
DEEP HOUSE Drum,Electric Bass,Electric FX,Pad,Electronic Piano,Synth,Percussion
3Groove On 2
Moody deephousetrack with a little touch of Science-Fiction. Very groovy chord patterns, straight rhythm and celestial effects make This version a little bit more mystic and futuristic, as it is used by other deephouse productions. Is very suitable for sc
DEEP HOUSE Drum,Electric Bass,Electric FX,Pad,Percussion
4In My Head 2
Relaxed House groove with celestial sounds, fx and on a determined drum groove supported by a floating bassline. Sounds like fashion show, nightlife, chic ambience and noble clubs.This version is without vocals.
DEEP HOUSE Drum,Electric Bass,Pad,Synth,Percussion
5New Day 2
Mellow Deephouse track with a spherical synth sounds and groovy rhythm sections with floating congas and bongos. Sounds like cocktailbar, warm up parties and hot summernights. This version is without vocals.
DEEP HOUSE Drum,Electric Bass,Electric FX,Electronic Piano,Synth,Percussion
6Reality 2
Deephousetrack with a typical nighttime atmosphere, caused by its filtered synthpads, mysterious sfx sounds and a hypnotich groove filled with nice percussion samples. Very good use in all kind of city and night scenarios. This version is without vocals.
DEEP HOUSE Drum,Electric Bass,Pad,Synth,Percussion
7Shalom 2
Spherical Housetrack. Moody, delayful pads and e-piano sounds on a hypnotic groove. Sounds very relaxed, loungy, but still very danceable. This version is without vocals.
DEEP HOUSE Drum,Electric Bass,Electric FX,Electronic Piano,Synth,Percussion
8The Voice 2
Creative deephouse track with weird FX-Sounds, which have been cleverly integrated into the beat. Furthermore, it has playful synth pads, driving bassline and a constantly occurring eurosynth melody. Sounds like nightlife, houseclubs and lounge. This Trac
DEEP HOUSE Drum,Electric Bass,Pad,Synth,Percussion
9Twisted 2
Very particularly groovy track from the genre deephouse. Sparingly used synthsounds, warm basslines and an innovative drumprogramming makes this track very special. Sounds like lounge, beachparty and warm summernights. Optimal use for all kind of nightsho
DEEP HOUSE Drum,Electric Bass,Electric FX,Synth,Percussion,Electric Guitar
10Zone 2
Relaxed Deephouse track with spherical samples, groovy bassline and floating beat- and percussion elements. Sounds like cocktailbar, beachparty, nightclub or a ride with a car at night. Optimal for use in movies, commercials, music on hold, catwalks and g
DEEP HOUSE Drum,Electric Bass,Electric FX,Pad,Synth,Percussion,Bell
11A Beautiful Lie
Emotional, relaxed Pop Song with playful e-guitars, accompanying piano, groovy basslines and variating live drumset.
POPS Drum,Acoustic Bass,Electric FX,Pad,Acoustic Piano,Strings,Electric Guitar
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