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10 songs with a range of driving, dramatic moods up to dark and spherical. Big Beat meets Dubstep and provides fast beats, violent e-guitars and motivating synthesizers. Well suited for action packed films.

*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

Track List
1Burn It Down
Menacing, hopeful Big Beat with violent e-guitar sound, fast drums and long pad sounnds.
BIG BEAT Drum,Electric Bass,Electric FX,Synth,Strings,Electric Guitar
2Here Without You
Imminent, animated Big Beat with motivating e-guitar, loose drums and quiet string sounds.
BIG BEAT Drum,Synth Bass,Synth,Strings,Electric Guitar
3Into The Fire
Varying, serious Big Beat with a quaint e-guitar and synths, as well as soft strings.
BIG BEAT Drum,Synth Bass,Synth,Strings,Electric Guitar
4Full Power
Dark, exciting Dubstepb Track with SFX, soft strings and pulsating bass.
DUBSTEP Drum,Synth Bass,Electric FX,Strings
5Nano Cube
Spherical, vivid 8 Bit Chiptune Track with suspenseful, heroic ambience, mediated through fast-paced synthesizer melodies.
CHIPTUNE Drum,Synth Bass,Synth,Electric Guitar
6Pitfall Jungle
Mysterious, suspenseful 8 Bit Chiptune Track with dramatic Mood which is created by miscellaneous synths and pads.
CHIPTUNE Drum,Synth Bass,Pad,Synth,Electric Guitar
7Full Power
Gloomy, suspenseful Big Beat Track with fast-paced synthesizer, distorted guitar and SFX.
BIG BEAT Drum,Electric FX,Synth,Electric Guitar
8Cinematic Roadmovie Action
Varied, in a good temper Big Beat Track. Motivating, summerly. Featured by Funk and Soul elements. Fits ideally for action and roadmovies and everything about the '70s.
BIG BEAT Drum,Synth Bass,Brass,Organ,Strings,Electric Guitar
9Speedrace Action
Dramatic, serious sounding film music with fast-paced beat, strings and wide brass and pads. Well suited for action packed films.
SCORE MUSIC Drum,Synth Bass,Brass,Electric FX,Strings
10Do What You Want
Driving forward hard rock featuring a catchy guitar theme, an exciting muted rhythm guitar, a powerful piano and an impulsive beat.. Melodic and energetic. Perfect for extreme sports, tough guys, car and motorcycle themes.
HARD ROCK Drum,Electric Bass,Electric Guitar
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Demosong Playlist
All Clear