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Jazz Vol. 2 Compilation, 10 Songs with a range of slow, relaxed moods up to satisfied and fast. Smooth brasses, funky organs, playful guitar melodies meet spherical sounds, distinctive saxophones and rhythmic percussions. A big bandwith of jazz with swing influences, bepop, hardbop, latinjazz, smoothjazz, fusion and ballad jazz.

*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

Track List
Slow relaxed Jazz track with pacifiying electric guitar melodies, a lead upright bass, harmonizing piano chords and gentle drums. Good for presentations and waiting-loops.
BLUES,JAZZ Drum,Acoustic Bass,Organ,Acoustic Piano,Electric Guitar
2Ocean Life
Well tempered, easy going Jazz Colors track with gentle brass in combination with a funky ongan. Sensitive drums and an energetic upright bass are mediating classical New Orleans flair.
BLUES,JAZZ Drum,Acoustic Bass,Sax,Organ,Acoustic Piano,Electric Guitar
Thrilling fast Jazz track, spiced with an almost psychodelic organ, which energizes the whole song. A sophiticated upright bass and skillful drumming providing a constant thrust. Good for imagefilms or presentations.
BLUES,JAZZ Drum,Acoustic Bass,Organ,Electric Guitar
4Six Thirty
Relaxed Jazz track with positive brass which makes it easy to get up in the morning. Homelike swinging drums and a diversified upright bassline for you to groove. Good for presentations or waiting-loops.
BLUES,JAZZ Drum,Acoustic Bass,Brass,Acoustic Piano
Playful sounding Jazz track which mediates a positive atmosphere. Sensitive saxophone and strong rhythmical piano in combination with an agile upright bass and energetic drums. Perfect for waiting-loops or image films
BLUES,JAZZ Drum,Acoustic Bass,Sax,Organ,Acoustic Piano,Electric Guitar
6Smooth Affair
Calm, romantic sounding jazz with a lovely saxophone, accompanied by guitar chords, a discreet piano and smoothly driving drums. Fits nicely for love scenes in movies or commercials.
BLUES,JAZZ Drum,Acoustic Bass,Sax,Acoustic Piano,Electric Guitar
7Smooth Seven
Relaxed, calm Jazz with a funky lead organ accompanied by distinctive slap bass. Energetic drums with many breaks provide a strong foundation. Good for waiting-loops.
BLUES,JAZZ Drum,Electric Bass,Organ,Acoustic Piano,Electric Guitar
Sensitive downtempo jazz with mellow brass, spheric organ chords, relaxed upright bass and moody brushed drums. Very good for movies or documentaries.
BLUES,JAZZ Drum,Acoustic Bass,Trumpet,Organ,Electronic Piano
9Upper Ways
Exciting midtempo jazz with a distinctive lead saxophone, cheerful accompanying organ, groovy upright bass and many drum variations. Good for image films or documentaries.
BLUES,JAZZ Drum,Acoustic Bass,Sax,Organ
10Wake Up
Playful, happy Break Beat with catchy melodies, fat synth sounds and powerful, floating drums.
BREAKS,DRUM'N'BASS Drum,Electric Bass,Electric FX,Synth
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Demosong Playlist
All Clear