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Ever had the dreaded creative blank? Need to come up with an idea, like, YESTERDAY? Yep, us too. So our Frontline Producers got together round a table with notepads and a vat of coffee to see what we could do about it.

And after some table thumping and loosening of imaginary ties, we came up with: "ELECTRO: Mix Starters: a series of in house produced tools designed to kickstart your inspiration." ...so let’s run with this.

The "ELECTRO: Mix Starters" pack contains four bespoke standalone Electro ideas, influenced by some of our favourite artists, from Tiesto to Daft Punk, Aoki to Deadmau5, Calvin Harris, SHM, you name it, it’s in there.

Each track has grouped stems, single .wav loops, .rex files and key multitrack MIDI parts for you to light the fires with. They are designed to provide producers with the melodic and stylistic elements needed to develop an idea and take it to the next level. But they are written with YOUR creativity in mind.

They have an intro, a breakdown and a melodic section; just enough to spark ideas and make it your own. We want you to lead this session, and with that in mind the songs have been written with enough space and flexibility for you to put your own stamp on them; change the sounds, play with the MIDI, or just use the loops to do something completely different. This is not an instrument specific pack. So you won’t find dozens of open hi hats, hundreds of kick drums, a gazillion sweeps and farty sounds.

This is all about the idea:

...About Blueskying, brainstorming, running things up the flagpole to see who salutes, and putting things in the bird cage to see of the budgie bites. Come on people; let’s point at a blackboard with a stick and THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.

Welcome to our Mix Starter series.

*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

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File List
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