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Holy Trap!! Beats Bleeps Fills and Builds

Turn up the speakers, light up a fat one and get ready for the mother of all trap collections!

Push button bang invites you down the rabbit hole, to an underground, smoke--filled, tricked--out wonderland, packed full of low- down phat and hazy beats, sub-heavy, head- shaking hypnotic grooves, grinding melodics, intense booty- shaking fills and builds and low -pitched abstract vox loops and fx.

With trap music getting ready to explode all over everyone's face, Push button bang has lit the fuse and delivered a seriously ground-shaking heavyweight trap collection of over 1000 loops and samples.

The dirty South meets future--step and electro, in this invaluable and exciting collection, devised for anyone making trap, ambient dubstep, electronica inspired hip hop, krunk and abstract, cinematic grooves.

It's been expertly crafted to inspire your beats, delivering hundreds of construction kit possibilities, myriad sequence generations, with hundreds of one shot programming gemstones ready to lock and load into your next high powered production.

Frankly, this is one of those collections which leaves even PBB a little lost for words... a galaxy of star--fuelled top quality krunked up audio, to rocket your tracks to infinity and beyond!

And now - Push button bang proudly announces going native to Maschine!
With this first installment delivering 24 fully programmed construction kits specifically edited for extreme control in your Maschine environment. Please see below for full details on the included kits. But first... What's in the collection:

Single Hits Sections

Drum sounds

Special attention has been paid to the hand-crafted drum single hits, placing the onus on snappy, tight transients on the 808 -inspired snares, thick subs to melt speaker cones and a raft of incredibly useable, sharp and clean percussion gems.

Beeps and Bleeps

We've brought you myriad bleepers for programming your own bleep patterns, everything from simple pitch mod bleeps to complex combination fx bleeps, plus a broad range of build and noise fx for complementing the start or end points of your songs, drops ranging from smooth noise filters to crazy, intense, bleeper uplifters.


Horns and Orchestral Variations The horn section features air horns, orchestral and french horns, fx processed horns, even car horns, from deep and menacing to royal and proud. As well as many other different types of instrument sounds - from deep orchestral movements, clean strings plucked and held, contemporary and futuristic synth shots, abstract tones - plus a whole host of old-school hip hop and spaghetti western -inspired single hits.

Add in lots of low -pitched and processed, krunked- out vocal fx and shouts...and to round out the single hits you'll even find a raft of the deepest sub bass bends to hit the listener like a punch in the guts!

Loop Content

Drum Loops

A serious sound palette of 90 independent rhythmic layers, consisting of kick, pre--snare, snare, hi hat and top layers...and that is just for starters! The main course comes as 45 full combination rhythm stems, ranging from 2-16 bars in length. Each stem features two versions, one full mix and one kickless version, to ensure maximum flexibility.

Fills and Rolls

The fills section offers a quick and easy solution for generating interesting fills and builds in your trap music. You will find 160 different fills with loops ranging in length from half bar to four bars. The content is divided into four sections:

Click and Pop Fills

Tight EDM--style click-noise sequences FX Fills - combination snare and percussion fills utilising various processed modalities Snare rolls - pretty much every conceivable trap-style snare pattern for the end bar change in your sequence Tom and Cym fills - tom drum and cymbal fills, either isolated or in tandem.

Builds and Rises

15 eight-bar rise and noise builds. 15 sixteen-bar rise and noise builds. Use together or individually to create huge crescendos before your drop.

Bleep Loops

A whole host of bleep sequences - ranging from simple head-nodding stabs to complex pitch modulated and rhythmically glitched.

Tonal Loops

A range of melodic and abstract tones featuring orchestral moods, dark abstract background ambiances, melodies and textures.

Vox Loops

Left-field, low-pitched and processed, smokey, hazed -out vocal hooks and glitch sequences.

Roll MIDI Files

There is also a midi file section included which contains 30 different sequences for generating those dirty South rhythm rolls - simply load them into the track, choose a snare or high hat and customise to your content.

The pack is available as a whole or -in all your favourite formats...
or in smaller specific sections by content type.

The live packs features all the content plus a whole range of bespoke drum and sampler based tracks for quick tweaking, programming and multi--mixing.

The reason refill features expertly cut rex versions , drum kits and a huge selection of sampler patches for easy programming and remixing.

The maschine version features 24 fully customised Kits, as well as ALL the additional loop content! It a simply huge pack, offering quality and quantity which will leave you scratching your head with a big smile on your face!

*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.

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