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Nitro Elements Production Elements - unpack your asbestos earphones, buckle up and buckle down to brace yourself for Nitro Elements ? an outrageous and out of control bust up of more than 1,000 explosive royalty free working parts delivered as 16/44.1k wav files with complete metadata. Nitro Elements is designed to give you maximum impact for your productions with four main categories of imaging elements: 238 Explosive Trailers ? so you can Take the Big Bang Theory to the Razor’s Edge for a High Voltage Cosmic Collision and a Frantic Escape; 213 Nitro FX - to Slap That Face with an Angry Guitar so you can Zip It on the Space Phone for the Drama Queen; 300 Beat Builders that will Bust a Move in the Glow Room for some Flash Cash on The Tabla; and 305 Hi Energy Elements ? providing Audio Chaos in the Outworld Terrain and giving Full Power to the Hard Knox of this Hypermedia. Originally, exclusively and only available from Sound Ideas ? Nitro Elements Production Elements.

*This description is a reference taken from the original developer's website.


File List
File List
  • About MUTANT: Search sounds by using the 'Keyword' or 'Description' field in the Sound Management Software "Mutant" (feature available from Vers.3 on).
  • Attention: Hard disk must be in the following format: HFS or NTFS +
  • About KONTAKT format: Please note that this product is not compatible with Kontakt Player, and requires the full retail version of Kontakt to work. This product will not appear in the Kontakt library pane and so cannot be loaded into Kontakt using the Add Library button.
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  • There are NO returns or refunds due to the nature of download products.

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All Clear