• 媒体名:Keyboard誌(USA)
  • 更新日:98.11.01
ループ: 9点

インデックス: 5点

お買得度: 8点

Loops: 9

Documentation: 5

Bang for the buck: 8

Funky, old-school-style drum loops are the name of the game on Breakbeat - Absolutely Authentic Breaks. It's a concept that's anything but new, but in this case the producers wanted to give the customer "as many original breakbeats as we could fit on a single CD, and with an authentic vinyl sound." Indeed. There are 208 loops onboard, which adds up to 70-plus minutes of material. And even though the emphasis is on funk, these greazy grooves could easily be used in genres ranging from rap to big beat to jungle.

So how good are they? How does nine on a scale of ten sound? Just don't come here looking for the most pristine productions. There's a ton of mud on Breakbeat - but it's the kind of mud this reviewer loves. Many of the beats crackle and pop as if they came straight off old vinyl, and many are creatively sliced and diced in ReCycle. Cue up #14, for example: a chopped-up, lo-fi, locomotive of a shuffle. Awesome. "A CD like this is about feel," said senior editor Jim Aikin, "and I like the feel." The standard length of each loop is four to eight bars, with fills and flourishes throughout. And a cool formatting thing: Following most of the loops are their ReCycled components, played one at a time, back to back.

Unlike a lot of the celebrity "signature series" loop discs on the market, this collection is more diverse, with a wide range of sounds and effects. "The weird alien ambiences surrounding some of the drum hits lead me to suspect that a lot of this material was programmed, not played," added Jim. "But it sounds played, that's the important thing. Some of the snare ruffs could never have been programmed, and the sonically straight-ahead beats are almost certainly miked kits with a real drummer."

Breakbeat's liner notes are an average, no-frills affair: a two-page booklet with a short introduction and a list of index numbers and tempos. The formatting is pretty straight forward, but grouping the loops by tempo would have been more convenient. As is, the first half of the disc is tempo soup; the second half is more to my liking, with the loops grouped by tempo.

Overall this is an excellent collection of beats. Jim agreed, saying: "I often found myself imagining how a beat would sound if I added an acoustic bass loop, a sampled horn stab, or some scratching. The stuff is inspiring, in other words." collectively, the Keyboard review team chose to give Breakbeat a Key Buy award for several reasons: The loops are inspiring, raw, creatively sliced and diced, greazy and lo-fi at times, and consistently good from front to back, plus there's a ton of material onboard.
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  • フォーマット:WAV, ACID, REX2, Stylus RMX, AppleLoops
  • リリース時期:2009年12月

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