• 媒体名:Future Music誌(UK)
  • 更新日:01.04.01
Future Music誌(UK)レビュー内容(日本語)
Future Music誌(UK)レビュー内容(英語)
This two-disc set is sonically adventurous with a wide range of useful samples. It kicks off with 31 groups of samples, which can be used together to form the basis of your down-tempo tunes. Typically, a group contains a bassline, a drum loop, individual drum hits and a guitar or keyboard loop. The groups come in a variety of keys and tempos (75-105bpm). Most of the drum loops are fatter than your average Weight Watchers session, with huge bottoms guaranteed. There are some good sub bass samples too, which pump the air out of your monitors. With a further 20 drum loops (each split into individual hits), a bunch of extra basslines, electric pianos, kicks, snares and hats, this is a comprehensive collection.
税込価格 ¥5,885


  • ジャンル:
  • フォーマット:WAV, ACID, REX2
  • リリース時期:2010年1月
  • メーカー:ZERO-G

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