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7 out of 10

There's no rhythm like an old world rhythm, and anyone looking to spice up their percussion should look no further than the latest from Big Fish Audio, featuring a wealth of old and new school construction kits to get you on your way. 'Hadeeth' features excellently produced kits that have obviously been recorded with much care and attention. They are first played as an ensemble, giving a feel for the overall effect, then broken down into each kit's constituent parts for your deconstructive perusal.

Most kits are limited to around six to nine parts (featuring tabla, finger cymbals. duff and tar as well as tambourine and tabla, to name a few), meaning there's plenty of layers to be working with, making for complex and percussive builds and breakdowns.

Although this isn't what you'd call a dance friendly collection, choosing instead to stay on fairly traditional territory, there are a few kits included that could easily bolster the percussive weight of any dance production. Although that can't be said for many of them, there are enough well recorded individual licks and hits to make this a useful, if genre-specific addition to anyone's sample CD collection.
新発見!! アラビア打楽器を使った躍動的トライバルビート!!
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