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John Cage has always been renowned for his different way of composing, and his unique style of performing. Unfortunately he passed away in 1992, but to save his cultural heritage, Big Fish Audio and the John Gage Trust have released John Cage Prepared Piano.

Somewhere in downtown New York, the producers found a perfect Steinway B that could be prepared for these recordings. It took over a year, and they used all original John Cage documentation for preparation. To make the perfect library, every note has been recorded with different styles of playing, like piano, mezzo forte and fortissimo. Besides those, there are recordings of different pedal adjustments and attacks like staccato. The producers are recording experts, proven in this project with the total amount of samples at over than 1300. The longest recordings are the ones with sustain pedal and last for more than 1 minute.

The piano itself sounds very nice and open, and has much more character than an original Steinway B. The recordings themselves are totally noiseless and have the complete range of dynamics within them. If you still need convincing, just listen to the demo.

To conclude, this is the first time a sampled piano has scored a perfect 10 by us. Do I need to say more?
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  • フォーマット:HALION, EXS24, MachFive, KONTAKT (Preview)
  • リリース時期:2010年1月

Demosong Playlist
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