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This 2-DVD library has about 2.7 GB of WAV data, organized into 40 construciton kit subfolders, each labeled with tempo and meter (if not 4/4) - seven of the 40 kits are in meters like 3/4, 6/8, 5/4, and 7/4.

If you've ever seen the movie 300, you'll have a visual idea of what these kits soound like - muscled, sweating behemoths full of angst and roaring energy, music for films with clashing swords, yelling, and buckets of CGI bloodshed. Played by an orchestral percussion session in Athens, Greece, plus nine soloists, the instrument list includes orchestral, ethnic, and treated percussion with an emphasis on big, booming, crashing timbres, like massed military marching snares, gran cassa drums, they're either played at a ferocious clip to drive up the tension level, or they're amplified and reverbed until they rattle your eyeballs. Cymbals and struck metals abound, not only as straight hits and rolls but as bizarre swooshing effects to build and release tension. And the timpani...well, you get the idea.

Using this library, I recommend you not start with the short demos that appear in each subfolder. They try to feature one of everything - up to 40 samples/loops per kit - and they'll give you a nosebleed in under 30 seconds. Instead, sample the individual drum and percussion elements and build your cues slowly and carefully. Almost every instrument will have multiple interchangeable lines, with an "end" hit or lick for finales and several single hits for accents. With all those parts, there's lots of flexipility here, but don't go looking for subtlety. The most subtle sound on this library is its one lonely piano sample... a sample, that is, of a piano whose sound board is apparently being bashed repeatedly with a Buick. A whole Buick.

The individual loops and elements are inpeccably played, although the biggest drums and hits are soaked in reverb that may not match that of the rest of your composition. Everything's tightly edited to tempo, which means that many of the long cymbal decays don't go all the way to silence. My guess is that by the time Epic Drums is through with you, you'll be too shellshocked to notice.

Did I mention that I love this library? I love this library. I'm going to handle it like it's radioactive...but I love it. Epic drums sets a new standard for "over the top", and that's fine with me. Mike Metlay
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